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Happy Hour on the Lower East Side Overview

Hotel Chantelle / SGT - Bar | Lounge in Lower East Side, NYC

When five o'clock rolls around, nothing feels better than a nice cold cocktail at a discount price. Happy hour in the Lower East Side offers a multitude of options for anyone looking to imbibe post work. And while the happy hours here are more off duty artist than Wall Street suits, there's no shortage of people looking to relax after a long day's work.

Finding a bar in the Lower East Side for happy hour is simply a matter of showing up and looking around. The neighborhood is notorious for its bar scene and most places offer up some kind of drink or food special at a reasonable price. Both Stanton and Rivington Streets are packed with bars boasting beer and cocktail specials often going past the typical hours of happiness. Spitzers bar is a popular choice for post work drinks among the artsy scene with the bar being packed with tattoo clad arms reaching for the next beer. Schillers Liquor Bar is another Lower East Side happy hour favorite with its food and drink specials during happy hour bringing in groups of post work imbibers. And if cheap drinks and hipsters is the name of the game Welcome to the Johnson's has $2 drafts and cocktails. 

While happy hour can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the city, the Lower East Side caters to both the out of office and out of studio crowd ready to enjoy a cheap drink when five o'clock rolls around.

Popular Lower East Side Happy Hour

  • * Cake Shop 20s / Artsy / Bar / Budget-friendly
  • * Fat Baby 20s / 30s / Bar / Bottle Service
  • * Macondo 20s / Ambient / Beer / Brunch
  • * No Fun 20s / Alternative / Artsy
  • * Pianos 30s / Bar / Bar Food
  • * Verlaine African Funk / After Work / Ambient
  • * darkroom 20s / 30s / Bar / Boisterous / DJ
  • * trē 20s / 30s / 40s / Beer & Wine Only

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