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Dive Bars on the Lower East Side Overview

Chloe 81 - Bar | Lounge | Speakeasy in Lower East Side, NYC

Dimly lit, serving PBRs and picklebacks to guys and gals in skinny jeans and ripped t-shirts, the dive bars off the Lower East Side are a melting pot of hipsters, rockers and pretty much everyone else in the city looking for a low key place to catch a drink.

Ubiquitous with the Lower East Side dive bars is the prevalence of the beer and shot special. Nothing appeals to the budget friendly crowd like a shot of whiskey chased down by a cheap beer at places like dive bar and music venue Arlene's Grocery. Or for whiskey with a bit more finesse, the Whiskey Ward has a vast array of whiskeys and beers sure to intoxicate and please the palate. And while bars hold the stigma of being lonely places to drink oneself into oblivion, Lower East Side favorites the Skinny and Welcome to the Johnsons stay packed with a lively crowd where the bar is full, the music is loud and everyone is too cool to dance. Of course no dive bar neighborhood would be complete without places like Dark Room where dressed down patrons slip into an underground lair where visibility is low, the cleanliness is questionable and the drinks are cheap and strong.

One of the best areas in the city to get drunk on a budget, Lower East Side dive bars are a the place to dress down and hit the town.

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