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Date Ideas on the Lower East Side Overview

Rockwood Music Hall - Bar | Live Music Venue in Lower East Side, NYC

A lively neighborhood with entertainment at any time of day, it's no wonder the Lower East side is a haven for date ideas. This trendy area stays packed with couples dining, drinking, and dancing through the night making it the perfect place to take that someone special out for a memorable evening.

Starting the evening, Schillers Liquor Bar is the perfect place to impress without getting too fancy, especially with their winning combo of fancy drinks and food brought to you by the same people as Minetta Tavern. 'inoteca, a corner restaurant with outdoor seating and small plates of Italian fare is another option for sharing food and wine in a cool but casual setting. Cocktail bars and speakeasies like the Back Room are another great way to show off a knowledge of the lesser known side of the city. For special occasions, Beauty and Essex and Stanton Social both have food for sharing, and lounges seemingly made for post dinner conversation and snuggling.

For a traditional movie date in a not so traditional setting the Landmark Sunshine Theater plays some of the city's hardest to find indie films ideal for a film buff. Or with the athletic type, an afternoon of walking, biking, or skating over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn is a great way to have conversation while checking out the view over the Lower East Side.

One of the best areas for a date in the city no matter whom you're taking out, there's no shortage of date ideas in the Lower East Side.

Popular Lower East Side Date Ideas

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