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Clubs on the Lower East Side Overview

Rockwood Music Hall - Bar | Live Music Venue in Lower East Side, NYC

Typically associated with dive bars and music venues, clubs in the Lower East Side, though few in number, are a destination drawing partiers from throughout the city looking for a unique night out. Generally more casual than the rest of the city, attire for the night requires no more than a casually stylish outfit and your drinking shoes. 

For people in their twenties (aka people with a lighter budget) dive bars cum clubs are a popular choice for a night of dancing without breaking the bank or getting too fancy. Informal clubs like Mehanata and Pianos appeal to a broad audience with both live music and DJs, where drinks are cheap and dancing is abundant. There are also meat markets like seedy massage parlor turned disco, Happy Ending where a slight dress code keeps the clothes tidy but doesn't stop patrons from getting sloppy drunk. Of course no club scene would be complete without something to appeal to those uptown girls and The Box is a destination location of debauchery for those who know the right people to get in.

Just like the residents, Lower East Side clubs boast their own brand of downtown chic, so bring on the artsy and leave the fratitude at home.

Popular Lower East Side Clubs

  • * The Box 20s / 30s / 40s / Affluent
  • * Fat Baby 20s / 30s / Bar / Bottle Service
  • * No Fun 20s / Alternative / Artsy

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