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Brunch on the Lower East Side Overview

Hotel Chantelle / SGT - Bar | Lounge in Lower East Side, NYC

There's nothing downtowners like more than a nice cheap boozy brunch, and the Lower East Side is a favorite for people throughout the city. While brunch in the Lower East Side is not the models and bottles scene of the Meatpacking District, casual restaurants and bars cater perfectly to crowds of artists, transplants, and general twenty somethings throughout the city.

One of the busiest areas of the city on weekend afternoons, the area just across the Williamsburg bridge is packed with Lower East Siders and outer borough residents alike sipping mimosas and Bloody Mary's with their eggs Benedict. Schiller's Liquor Bar, Essex Restaurant, and Spitzer's Corner are three of the most popular options in the area offering up traditional breakfast fused with modern American cuisine. Or if it's more about the booze than the brunch, Macondo has an all you can drink option sure to make a mission out of getting up from the table. Groups of friends flock to Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten to host their own rendition of the breakfast club recounting the previous night's antics over German fare and German beer.  

And while there are plenty of destination brunch bars, the true beauty of weekend afternoons in the Lower East Side is it seems that brunch is available at almost every restaurant or bar, so wake up, drink up and enjoy!

Popular Lower East Side Brunch

  • * Macondo 20s / Ambient / Beer / Brunch
  • * trē 20s / 30s / 40s / Beer & Wine Only

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