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After Hours on the Lower East Side Overview

Rockwood Music Hall - Bar | Live Music Venue in Lower East Side, NYC

In an area with as many bars and clubs as there are hipsters, the Lower East Side after hours scene is not one to be missed.  Being the final neighborhood before taxis cross into Brooklyn and Queens, bars in this cheap and trendy neighborhood are often the last stop for partiers of all sorts not quite ready to head home.

Artsy hipsters clad in skinny jeans and ripped t-shirts flock to dive joints like Welcome to the Johnson's and The Dark Room where drinks are served into the wee hours of the morning by bartenders with disinterested expressions and faux glasses.  Meanwhile, party girls in designer downtown chic catch the final show at late night cabaret The Box, or drinks and dancing at Southside.

And while drinks may satiate late night thirsts, there's nothing quite like food after a night of drinking. New Roma Pizza right before the Williamsburg Bridge is the place where the bridge and tunnel crowd goes for a slice before heading back to the outer boroughs. And everyone appreciates a good halal and souvlaki stand on every corner. Whether it be for drinks or food or just searching for people to keep the party going into the morning, the Lower East Side streets are the place to be for afterhours in New York City.

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