NYC Rooftop Lounges Overview

Upstairs at The Kimberly - Hotel Bar | Rooftop Lounge in NYC

Flashing lights, soaring skyscrapers, and beautiful people – New York rooftop lounges are the ultimate way to feel like a celebrity. These decadent dens of luxury exude good times, both in their high-end atmosphere and their freeing outdoor locations.

As is always the case in the city, rooftop lounges in New York are anything but typical. Many have mind-blowing centerpieces, like the outdoor pools at Jimmy at the James Hotel and the Gansevoort Park Avenue, which let guests recline on padded lounge chairs around the water’s spectral blue glow. Others use the open-air atmosphere to their advantage, such as the Delancey downtown, whose palm-covered lounge has the feeling of a Cuban cabana amid the noise and light of the Williamsburg Bridge. Still others, like Hudson Terrace and the Roof Garden at the Met, possess an artistic atmosphere, using their location to give city dwellers a much-needed dose of sunlight.

There are some minor disadvantages to these parties on pedastals, including jarring city noise and big summer crowds, but when the weather permits, NYC rooftop lounges can bring a whirlwind of old-city wonderment and new-school chic that will leave guests with their heads in the clouds.

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