230 Fifth

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230 Fifth Sophisticated night owls looking for an upscale venue with breathtaking views won't want to miss 230 Fifth, a luxurious lounge and rooftop bar that offers high-class excitement with a refreshingly unpretentious attitude. New York United States 40.7439783 -73.9878134
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230 Fifth - Restaurant | Rooftop Bar | Rooftop Lounge in New York.
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Party Earth Review Sophisticated night owls looking for an upscale venue with breathtaking views won’t want to miss 230 Fifth, a luxurious lounge and rooftop bar that offers high-class excitement with a refreshingly unpretentious attitude... ... read full review

  • Subway:

    N, R: 28th Street-Broadway; 6: 28th Street-Park Avenue South

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  • Hours:

    Daily 4pm–4am; Brunch Sa–Su 11am–5pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth 230 Fifth Review

The Scene

Sophisticated night owls looking for an upscale venue with breathtaking views won't want to miss 230 Fifth, a luxurious lounge and rooftop bar that offers high-class excitement with a refreshingly unpretentious attitude.

Sophisticated night owls looking for an upscale venue with breathtaking views won’t want to miss 230 Fifth, a luxurious lounge and rooftop bar that offers high-class excitement with a refreshingly unpretentious attitude.

Well-dressed business types and out-of-towners stepping off the elevator on the twentieth floor will find themselves in the candlelit Penthouse Lounge, a colorful indoor space with a restaurant, a sleek white-and-chrome bar, and a sea of tufted low sofas in purples, blues, and reds, usually occupied by stylish Europeans entertaining dates and uptown party girls sipping martinis to the beat of soft techno music.

Those who prefer their cocktails al fresco are in for a treat, as one of the biggest roof gardens in the city awaits up a short flight of stairs.

Towering palm trees, flowers, and foliage interspersed with park benches and patio chairs combine to create a natural wonderland, made all the more incredible by the panoramic view of the New York skyline in all its glittering glory.

Alcoves and private cabanas offer space for groups of successful city professionals to hobnob and schmooze, while weekends see a slightly older crowd of brunchers and lunchers showing up for afternoon cocktails.

Patrons stopping by in the winter needn't worry about missing out on the rooftop experience, as heat lamps and rolling racks of red robes and blankets are provided to keep the crowds toasty when the weather isn't.

For all its bright lights and luxury, 230 Fifth maintains a relaxed and amiable air and a policy of giving all its patrons the VIP treatment.

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Tip from Adriana:

Don’t mistake 230 Fifth’s laid-back atmosphere for an anything-goes joint. There’s definitely a dress code here – and guys, it involves a collar. Leave the Ed Hardy and Affliction gear at home.

  • Crowd

    Jet-setting Europeans, affluent professionals, and groups of party girls, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient mix of smooth jazz, chill electronica, and revamped oldies. DJs spin low-key dance music on weekends and for private parties.

    Heat lamps, blankets, and robes provided on rooftop garden.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    European versions of basic entrées and sides, including sliders, spring rolls, and salmon salads. Bar snacks served 4pm–4am, house specialties including salads, fish, and noodles served 4pm–midnight. Full brunch menu Sa–Su 11am–5pm.

    Bottle service available, though the venue does not recommend it. Reservations required for dinner and bottle service.

  • Prices

    Bar menu $7–$16, house specialties $8–$16, sorbet $7. Brunch menu $8–$19. Beer $7+, wine $7+/glass or $30+/bottle, cocktails $10+, bottle service $125+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual: polo shirts, button-downs, nice jeans, dresses, decent sneakers. Dress code: no t-shirts or bright colors. A little more casual for brunch.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest crowds and best parties, or for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or other holiday events.

230 Fifth User Reviews

Average rating:
Good Rooftop Bar for the New New Yorker
Shayla V. Aug 20, 2013
230 Fifth gives you exactly what you are looking for when you first move to the city: a feeling of elegance. The rooftop is immaculate with tables for bottle service and DJ spinning somewhere around the corner. There isn't that much room for walking and the bar is always rushed with people. You get a classy feel at a discount prices as the drinks are closer to $10 and not $20 at other bars. The crowd on a Friday night are mostly young people of varying ethnicities and locals. It is a dress to impress establishment, but I got in with flats and a tank top so you will be fine. The bar itself is huge and offer an indoor space as well as a roof. Seating isn't hard to get if you get out there by 10pm. All in all, great music, beautiful people, and inexpensive drinks. What better way to be ushered into the city or to be reminded why you came.
You'll meet 10 people and they'll all be completely different
Andrew N. Aug 12, 2013
I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is... my best friend took his future wife to 230 Fifth on their very first date! The bad news... At their wedding, she told me it was a "douchey" selection. This rooftop establishment will give you a slight taste of everything. You'll feel hip and trendy the first time you go... and like a complete dirt-bag the next. I'm honestly convinced that the nightclub scene from 'Shallow Hal' was shot over at 230 Fifth... not because the people are pretentious, but because you'll glance over to your left and be thrilled to see an absolute dime. Then you'll subsequently look to your right and see the cryptkeeper laughing at you. The crowd here ranges from from professionals and normal folk to Peter Pan's(old dudes who refuse to give it up) and Instagram models (not to be confused with real ones). Nobody can argue that the view/decor here are both amazing. However, your new-found great mood might sour in a hurry once you order two mixed drinks and watch the bartender ring you up. On a side note, I've always found it interesting that someone will refuse to purchase their favorite song on iTunes for 59 cents, yet they will spend $27 on an Apple Martini at a swanky place like 230 Fifth. Regardless, roll the dice with 230 Fifth on a summer night...and there's definitely a solid chance you'll end up having fun.
A Fine Evening of Flash at 230 Fifth
Chris H. Jul 9, 2013
Manhattan is not stranger to swanky bars and clubs. For years New York City has developed its night life scene into a vibrant dance of color laughter, flowing liquor, and great memories. Adding a unique lemon twist to the concoction of night life in NYC is the glitzy 230 Fifth. Located a few blocks north of the relaxing yet lively Madison Square Park, 230 Fifth offers a celebrity experience to the Average Joe. Take the elevator up to the roof to enjoy a rooftop garden during the afternoon for a view of the city or grab a drink at the bar at night for an entirely different experience. No matter what time of day you choose to enjoy 230 fifth, you won't be disappointed. Young men and women culminate in a symphony of clinking glasses and swirling pheromones. The music blasts on the sound system and the hours drift away in a mix of the city skyline and the scent of NYC air that can only be seen and smelled on a rooftop. The drinks are appropriately priced for a midtown bar with a premium experience. When everything in NYC is being watered down, 230 Fifth gives it you straight.
Great Rooftop
Sean F. May 30, 2013
This venue is stylish and trendy with a great view of the Empire State Building from it's roof. Drinks are above average in price for NYC and the dress code is casual. The crowd is young and attractive most nights.
Very New York
Karianne R. May 29, 2013
If you take the elevator to the top floor and walk up the stairs outside, you'll find what is probably one of the best rooftops in Manhattan, hands down. You have a stunning view of the New York City skyline with the Empire State Building directly behind you. It's amazing on warm, summer nights where you can lounge about on one of their benches or couches, admiring the city and the palm trees that decorate the bar. And when it's cold they hand out red hoods/blankets to warm you up! It's the ideal destination if you want to have a classy night out on the town and feel like you're in an episode of Sex and the City. However, the classiness comes with a price and the drinks are a bit more expensive than normal NYC bars (about $13 for a mixed drink). I wasn't charged a cover, but I heard from people who arrived after me that there was a $15 cover. And you have to look nice to get in, so no ripped jeans, shorts, T-shirts, or sneakers. Overall I'd say it's a nice place to go every now and then and you should definitely check it out at least once. But because it's so expensive and the main appeal is seeing the skyline, which I would imagine looses its charm after a while, I wouldn't recommend it as a regular spot or somewhere to spend your whole night at.
Your Default Rooftop Bar
RAW S. May 21, 2013
This is the perfect example of the type of party you check out when your group has a lot of guys or when you are looking for a quick place to pick up before bouncing to a hip bar or a trendy lounge. The price of drinks reflects the door policy, in other words, tourist prices...slightly more expensive than your typical bar/lounge. Speaking of the door, they may not care if you reserve a table or who you come with, but if you are wearing sneakers they absolutely will not let you in. They have a strictly enforced yuppie dress code, in other words no torn jeans and you must be wearing a collared shirt. For those of us who like to wear sneakers they'll let you pass if you order table service...but really? It's definitely not worth it at this venue, but if you want to join the rest of the suckers who actually shell out their hard earned cash to be seen here...then that's on you. I say drop by to meet someone cute (if you can overcome the poor male-to-female ratio), but don't make this your final destination.
Fantastic Views and Easy Entrance Access
Michele J. May 1, 2013
For an amazing NYC view, head to 230 Fifth and enjoy the Manhattan skyline with the Empire State Building as it's illuminated historic focal point. Open from 4pm - 4am 7 days a week, this lounge bar has enough room inside and rooftop so you have room to dance and breathe. You can also order food from their diverse menu. I have had their crispy shrimp appetizer and it was delicious! If you are a fruity drinker, I recommend their pineapple coconut martini's. Should the temperature dip a little, 230 Fifth provides "Red-Riding Hood" capes with hoods. It is a fun feel to stay outside and feel warm. It is a great conversation starter to meet anyone wearing the red cape. Best of all, it is not pretentious nor charges a cover (at least I was never charged a cover)! It really is a go-to place for great music, atmosphere and a fun crowd! Check it out: http://www.230-fifth.com/
See (And Eat) All of New York
Arielle L. Apr 27, 2013
If you want to feel like you're in an episode of Gossip Girl at Chuck Bass' annual bruch, this is the place to go. If you're looking to dine at a restaurant that is upscale, has an amazing view, good food, and is sightly gaudy - you've come to the right rooftop lounge. It's a perfect place for two or three people come together and catch up or great for a date you're trying really hard to impress. You walk into the room and although it's bright outside, the dark furniture makes it a lot more sexy and date-friendly. The buffet brunch is reasonably priced at $30 a person, offering eggs benedict, pasta, chicken, and a cook who will make your waffles and omelets on demand. The food isn't the best I've ever had in New York, but it's nothing to complain about and it comes with unlimited tea, coffee, and one free cocktail. What you're really paying for is the view. Of course, I did visit the lounge at a time where I wasn't able to eat on the roof because of the weather, but I was able to close my check, get a cup of coffee and head upstairs to take a look at the view and it's even more gorgeous on the roof. The service was fairly good. The host who walked to our table tried to seat us at the best place with a view even though we didn't reserve a table by the window, but the waitress didn't bother to ask us if we wanted refills and we constantly had to track her down. The chef at the buffet table was nice and helpful, though. I'd definitely go back and recommend it to a friend. It seemed that visitors from different countries really enjoyed it seeing as they were the ones filling up most of the penthouse.
Two Pinkies Up
Michelle S. Apr 18, 2013
It's upscale trendy atmosphere may lead many to believe it also come with upscale snootiness. But 230 fifth is a breath of fresh air. As you make your way through the elevators to the top floor and step outside, you are struck with one of the greatest outdoor rooftop bar views NYC has to offer. The wait staff is friendly - and the rest of the patrons are too. Many seating spaces offer up communal benches and provide an open setting where engaging in conversation with your neighbors seems to only be the natural thing to do. The menu offers a variety of delectable small bites - or larger portions if you're so inclined. And the food just so happens to be a great way to soak up what you will be drinking. Because with their eclectic menu of refreshing and sinfully delicious cocktails, you'll have a hard time distinguishing between the other guests and the abundance of gorgeous palm trees located throughout the garden. P.S. - Once you've finished enjoying the breathtaking views, make sure you don't miss out on the photo booth fun. It's indoors as you make your way back to the elevators. Enjoy!
Romantic.. Classy.. Upscale..
S G. Feb 7, 2013
This is a very upscale rooftop bar in the area with a great view! I would not miss it :) I celebrated my 30th birthday there also its good for special moments...
230 Fifth - good for dates
Carlos O. Dec 28, 2012
230 Fifth with its amazing view of the city and its posh prices/ clientele is an ideal place for dates and visitors to the city. The panorama that it offers of midtown, including its location a stone's throw away from the Empire State Building makes it one of a kind. Besides the rooftop lounge there is also a lounge one floor down that is quite big but maintains its cozy feel by candlelight. Depending on what time of night it could be hard to find seats in the lower lounge, some tend to be perpetually reserved. Dress fancy, jeans and sneakers will be turned away at the door without so much as a how do you do. Depending on how big your group is you might want to consider buying a bottle for your table. The cocktails are nothing special, the food is ok, though the french fries would bring a smile to Ronald Macdonalds face. If your looking for a place to impress someone, this is your place. PS - During the cold months they offer a robe service for the rooftop (which is also heated) which aren't too shabby.
An amazing view, little else
Mark S. Dec 11, 2012
One of the best views on the Empire State Building in the city. That is probably the one and only selling point in the whole place. It is a spectacular view, whether the Empire Statue Building is lit up at night, or on a day with a clear blue sky, it really looks fantastic. There is also a more lounge-y feeling inside area. The food is mediocre and overpriced. The drinks are mediocre and overpriced. The patrons are mediocre and overpayed. The only other thing I like about the place is the weird cloaks they give you on colder nights. Good for creeping out the gaudy tourists and young yuppies trying to impress friends and women.
Good for visiting guests
Risa C. Nov 26, 2012
1) The view here of the Empire State building is one of the best in the city - unless you know the secret spot in k-town 2) The drinks are pricey 3) Its a bit fratty in the "I graduated college and now I have some money, but let's go out on a nice bro's night out" kind of way 4) Reserve a table if you're going with a large group on the weekends 5) If you walk out there and see everyone wrapped in red hooded cloaks - don't worry you didn't interrupt a cult meeting, they just provide cloaks for patrons on chilly summer nights.
Who are you impressing tonight?
Chris K. Nov 14, 2012
If you have a member of the opposite sex, a group of friends on an epic night out, or a business partner from out of town who you are trying to impress, then yes, 230 Fifth is for you--their indoors room is swank and cushioned, and their rooftop is quite classy and overdone in a Sex In The City type of way. And yes, the view of the skyline is incredible. But for your average night out, definitely steer clear of this joint, as its head is jammed way, way up its own ass. With good reason, mind you--a place like this caters to an elite crowd. But if you're looking for a Guinness and a burger, or even a cocktail and some sushi, look elsewhere. This place is just so much commotion and mad expensive.
Great Rooftop Bar
Chelsea D. Sep 28, 2012
If you're looking for a great view, 230 Fifth is definitely worth checking out. I met a friend here for drinks and had the best view of the Empire State Building lit up at night. Drinks are pricey but the atmosphere is well-worth it. They even have robes and heating lamps for the cooler weather. I'd recommend taking any out-of-towners here for a drink - the view is one they won't forget.
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