Dive Bars in Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY

30s / 40s / Blue Collar / Budget-friendly / Classic Rock / Conversational / Dive / Dive Bar / Flannel Shirts / Jeans and T-Shirt / Jukebox / Late 20s / Regulars / Sneakers / Sports / TVs

Holland Cocktail Lounge - Dive Bar in New York.

Party Earth Review Adventurous souls in search of the ultimate dive bar need look no further than the Holland Cocktail Lounge, the preferred location for dedicated dive hunters in search of the down-and-dirtiest watering hole in New York. This venerable beer joint consists of the barest essentials – namely, a long bar inside a narrow space ... more


532 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

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20s / 30s / 40s / After Work / Anything goes / Bar Food / Boisterous / Budget-friendly / Cash Only / Classic Rock / Conversational / Day Drinking / Debaucherous / Dive / Dive Bar / Dresses / Drinkers / Food Specials / Frat Guys / Fun-loving / Good for Groups / Groups / Happy Hour / Hook-up / Hot Dogs / Jam Packed / Jazz / Jeans / Jukebox / Laid back / Musicians / Oldies / Outdoor Area / Outgoing / Pop / Post Grads / Professional Types / Regulars / Rockers / Rowdy / Rowdy / Smoking Area / Snack Food / Sneakers / Students / T-shirts / Young Professionals

Rudy's Bar & Grill - Dive Bar in New York.

Party Earth Review Since opening in 1933, Rudy’s Bar & Grill has embodied the perennial Hell’s Kitchen dive: a place where old men go to turn their livers to paste amid the persistent odor of free hot dogs. The grizzled farts are still there, as are the heaping plates of weenies, but the dominant patrons at this time-honored dump are young ... more


627 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

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Dive Bars in Hell's Kitchen Overview

Hudson Common - Hotel Bar | Beer Hall in Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Keeping true to the neighborhood’s gritty history within New York City, dive bars in Hell’s Kitchen are about as divey and dark as you can get. For those about to drink, we salute you – these dens of iniquity are about tanking up more than anything.

The best dive bars in Hell’s Kitchen are those found off the beaten path, usually down on Eight, Ninth, or Tenth Avenue. There, amid the recently-sprouting crop of ethnic restaurants and twee bakeries, one can find countless little holes in the wall, usually Irish pubs with old-timers and outspoken post-work ladies lining the bar and powering through Smithwicks and Jameson with a vengeance.

What makes Hell’s Kitchen dive bars so special is their vibe. While good-natured drinking and bopping along to the jukebox’s classic rock tunes is the name of the game, the grizzled, blue-collar crowd present at many of these bars adds a delightful edge. Even in modern-day, cleaned-up NYC, the dive bars in Hell's Kitchen are spots where one might not want to look at someone the wrong way.

That said, the dive bars of Hell’s Kitchen are great places to have a drink or eight, and if you want to sing “Molly Malone” at the top of your tipsy lungs, you’ll always have company there.

Popular Hell's Kitchen Dive Bars

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