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Stage 48 - Music Venue | Nightclub in Hell's Kitchen, NYC

The bars of Hell’s Kitchen generally come in two forms: nice and classic. The former is a testament to the neighborhood’s slow gentrification and its proximity to the business hub of midtown. The latter is a tribute to the area’s history as a gritty blue-collar part of Manhattan.

For the after-work finance and publishing crowd, the nice Hell’s Kitchen bars come in the form of multi-floor Irish pubs like Three Monkeys and theme joints like Valhalla, where button-down post-collegiate frat guys and chic female professionals can sip microbrews and pick at apps to the thump of Top 40 radio on massive speakers.

The latter, meanwhile, occurs further west, in the dives and rowdy party bars of the neighborhood like Holland Cocktail Lounge and biker bar Blue Ruin. In these beat-up gin joints, local construction workers, retail party girls, and the occasional rocker in the area for a concert get together and pound shots to classic rock and glam metal, soaking up the city’s laughter-heavy raucousness.

While Hell’s Kitchen has slowly become more of a foodie destination than a drunkie one, the neighborhood’s bars continue to provide solid respite to local professionals and residents who need a drink to cope with the hustle and bustle of midtown.

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  • * Bar 9 20s / 30s / 40s / Art / Beer
  • * Sky Room 40s / Bottle Service / Brunch

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