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The Headless Horseman - Bar in Gramercy / Union Square, NYC

Once you’re outside of the well-lit touristy areas, bars in the Gramercy/Union Square area are plentiful and exciting. While all generally adhere to the same veneer of wood walls, flat screens, and overstuffed furniture, each one has its own unique personality.

One example is Revival Bar on 15th Street, just off of Union Square. This two-floor bar is cozy, with a small furnished lounge on the second floor and a narrow picnic table-filled backyard. But this coziness seeps into its attendants, and the vibe among the laid-back hipsters and twee twenty-somethings is jovial and warm, with voices and drama rarely rising above a low murmur.

Meanwhile, bars like Fitzgibbons and The Thirsty Monk up in Gramercy are all flat screens and pints, with frattish guys’ groups and fun-loving dental students (the Monk is an especially notable dental hangout) shouting and cackling over the Top 40 jams blasting throughout. Other spots, like the Headless Horseman near Irving Plaza, go for a grandiose beer hall look, attracting edgy nerds and zoftig rocker girls.

Much of these neighborhoods are bright lights, big stores, and tourist restaurants, but for those willing to venture from the beaten path, Gramercy and Union Square bars are the perfect place to hunker down over your poison of choice.

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