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Speakeasies in the East Village Overview

UCB East - Comedy Club in East Village, NYC

While drunken hipsters pour into the streets from the area's numerous dive bars, those with a more refined palate can be seen slipping behind unmarked doors into secret cocktail lounges. Speakeasies in the East Village are as ubiquitous to this hip area as a modern take on the Old Fashioned is to the menus of these world famous institutions. 

Priding themselves on perfectly dressed cocktails and impeccable service most of the East Village speakeasies have a reservation only policy to ensure all guests are seated comfortably while enjoying their drinks. Without a reservation, the sharply dressed doormen will be happy to take a phone number and call when there is seating available - which allows for ample time to get on the wait list for every speakeasy in the area. Death and Co and Please Don't Tell are two of the most popular speakeasies in the East Village - and with an entrance through a fake phone booth into a dimly lit secret room, who wouldn't think the bar is worth the wait?

For a taste of cocktails from Cuba and Japan, Cienfuegos and Angle's Share are both hidden behind other "front" restaurants before guests are led behind secret doors into the real bar. And with the grittiness of an East Village bar with an infusion of cocktail culture, the Cabin Down Below and the Blind Barber serve up drinks in hard to find but equally delicious backrooms.  

For any fan of these Prohibition influenced bars, the East Village is a must visit, as long as you know where to look.

Popular East Village Speakeasies

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