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Burp Castle - Lounge | Pub in East Village, NYC

Once a rundown neighborhood for starving artists, East Village restaurants are still serving artists, but they're certainly no longer starving. With everything from budget friendly hole in the walls to celebrity chef restaurants the East Village is filled with eating options for every taste and budget.

Home to Curry Row, a small Japan Town, as well as a plethora of Central American, and Italian eateries, there is an array of ethnic food to suit every budget. Curry Row on First Avenue is packed with small restaurants serving up some of the city’s most inexpensive and delicious food from the Indian subcontinent. Not far away in Japan Town there's a little of everything from sushi to soba at these authentic eateries packed with Japanese expats and locals fulfilling cravings for traditional Japanese food.

With enough notoriety to always be packed full of foodies from around the city and world, places like Empellon Cocina and Momofuku Ssam Bar serve up high end Mexican and Japanese food from celebrity chefs. Local favorite Gemma next to the Bowery Hotel is also perfect for dressing up and doing some celebrity spotting over modern fusion cuisine. 

And while there are plenty of delicious restaurants in the East Village, what the area is best known for is its small affordable eateries geared toward the on the go hipsters. Luke's Lobster and Bao Haus are busy hole in the wall establishments serving up no frills, anything but ordinanary sandwiches in cardboard containers. And of course there's Artichoke's Pizza which is arguably the East Village's most famous eatery. With long lines from lunch until four in the morning it's an absolute must eat for anyone coming to the East Village for food.

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  • * Decibel 20s / 30s / After Work / Artists
  • * Gemma 30s / Brunch / Cutting Edge
  • * Poco 20s / 30s / Breakfast / Brunch

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