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Music Venues in the East Village Overview

UCB East - Comedy Club in East Village, NYC

When people think of East Village music venues, they think of the down-and-dirty places like CBGBs and the Village Underground. Now, years later, many of these old-school noise parlors have closed, but their legacy continues to live on.

Most of the music venues in the East Village are located around Astor Place, where the tattoo parlors and spiked bracelet shops now stand next to Quiznos and Starbucks. Places like the Continental and Ace of Clubs, though, maintain small stages in their basements and back rooms where leather-clad rockers, indie rock girls, and patch-covered punks can pump their fists and splash their PBRs to the best in local punk, metal, and hip-hop.

Other locales, like The Box, are full-time performance venues, with guests ritzy enough that they’ll never have to worry about rising rents. At these spots, downtown party girls, hipster star-watchers, and the occasional NYC celebrity sip specialty cocktails and watch the night’s bands and dancers from their private tables, soaking up the sex and exclusivity of their surroundings.

While the rough-and-tumble DIY atmosphere of the 70s and 80s has been slowly sapped from downtown, East Village music venues continue to thrive, both on their desire to promote underground music and their memories of the golden age they barely missed.

Popular East Village Music Venues

  • * Drom Concert Venue
  • * Ella 20s / 30s / Alternative

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