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Late Night Food in the East Village Overview

Burp Castle - Lounge | Pub in East Village, NYC

In a neighborhood like the East Village where drinking until the sun comes up is the norm, there's bound to be a great selection of late night eats. With food carts, diners, pizza and even Japanese food, the East Village is one of the best places in New York to grab a midnight snack.

No street does late night food in the East Village better than St. Mark's Place. Filled with Japanese izakayas serving yakitori and ramen until the bars close, places like Yakitori Taisho are a sit down alternative to the souvlaki stands on every corner. There's also the famous Mamoun's Falafel and 2 Bros. Pizza serving up cheap falafel and dollar slices all night long.  

For sitting down and grabbing that final beer while making friends with other party goers, Veselka is the Ukrainian diner where everyone heads at the end of the night to weigh down some of that booze with delicious pierogis. Or of course there's legendary New York late night pizza place Artichoke on 14th and 1st, the place to see and be seen at the end of the night. Serving up delicious margaritas, crab, and the namesake artichoke slices, everyone from girls in stilettos to musicians in beat up Converses line up for their late night gourmet pizza fix.  

When it comes to snacking after the bar, the East Village is the place to be to soothe drunk food cravings and fight the impending morning hangover.

Popular East Village Late Night Food

  • * Gemma 30s / Brunch / Cutting Edge
  • * The Wren 20s and up / Bar / Brunch / Casual

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