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Dive Bars in the East Village Overview

Drom - Concert Venue in East Village, NYC

Forget fancy cocktails and ridiculous speakeasy routines – East Village dive bars are all about that old-school Tom Waits-y drinking vibe. From their sticky floors to their sticker-coated bathrooms, these downtown hangouts are the ultimate in the collision of old and new NYC.

Dive bars in the East Village attract all kinds, from post-collegiate finance types to ragtag punk rockers, but the most common crowds you’ll find are rowdy rockers and brash scene girls, who love these watering holes for their devil-may-care attitude. Indeed, these places thrive on the fact that anything (or almost anything) goes, and that their dimly lit, sparsely decorated interiors are made less for gawking, more for boozing.

Not to say these places lack character. East Village dives like the Coal Yard and Horseshoe Bar bring their own distinctive barfly flavor to the neighborhood, while ancient favorites like McSorley’s live and die by their time-honored décor and traditions. Crocodile Lounge always offers free pizza with its beer, and downstairs beer hubs like the Rabbit Club maintain some class along with their ratty appearances, like princes disguised as paupers to try to make some lowbrow friends.

While the chilled glasses and circuitous cocktails of the neighborhood’s many gin joints can be appealing, East Village dive bars bring the real fun to one of the city’s favorite neighborhoods.

Popular East Village Dive Bars

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