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Ale Houses in the East Village Overview

Orpheum Theater - Theater in East Village, NYC

Though this club-heavy hood is more often associated with cocktails than cans, East Village ale houses remain one of downtown New York’s staples. These rough-and-tumble drinking dens provide much-needed beer to the thirsty everyday New Yorkers in the area.

Much like the nontraditional neighborhood in which it resides, the average ale house in the East Village is never entirely average. Burp Castle, for instance, by St. Mark’s Place, offers a wide variety of hard-to-find microbrews and lambics, but it requires its patrons to keep their voices lowered, and is decorated with bizarre murals of wasted monks. McSorley’s, meanwhile, goes for the old-school look, with its sawdust-covered floors and dust-covered chandelier.

More traditional spots, however, like the 8th Street Ale House, uphold classic standards of wood paneling and beer signs. Here, boozy creative types, tattooed punk chicks, and cultured beer snobs gather to chat, laugh, flirt, and taste the many flavors of suds offered to them by gruff but hilarious bartenders. These are the places where the partying goes late into the night and the Sabbath and Zeppelin blast mercilessly.

Though they often portray a tough, down-to-earth aesthetic, East Village ale houses are some of the more friendly and worthwhile spots in New York.

Popular East Village Ale Houses

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