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After Hours in the East Village Overview

Horus Café on A - Hookah Bar | Middle Eastern Restaurant in East Village, NYC

Once known as a shady neighborhood you wouldn't want to be caught in after dark, the East Village is now one the city's best places to be for late night endeavors. Packed with dive bars, late night food and even secret clubs, after hours in the East Village is not to be missed.

Leaving the bar at three in the morning in the East Village is in no way an indication of the night coming to and end.  Walking down any of the streets in this lively neighborhood, leaving one bar early just means stopping in for "one last beer" at a few different bars on the way home. First Avenue dive bars and pubs like the Coal Yard serve until patrons are ready to call it a night, and infamous late night drunk karaoke on St. Mark's Place are just a few options.

For late night food cravings, places like twenty-four hour Ukrainian diner Veselka is busy from dusk til dawn serving up pierogies and beer to partiers and off duty bartenders on their way home. On St. Mark's place just off Second Avenue, a stretch of Japanese gastropubs serve up yakitori and ramen until late, and of course there's always people lining up at Mamouns Falafel for their famous fried chickpeas.

There are also always rumors of the latest secret after hours club and pop up raves in warehouses by the East River, but "those don't exist." Wink, wink.

Popular East Village After Hours

  • * Gemma 30s / Brunch / Cutting Edge
  • * The Wren 20s and up / Bar / Brunch / Casual

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