East Village, New York.
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Formerly a graffitied haven for Basquiat and The Ramones, as well as the undeniable heart of New York’s counterculture, the East Village has since undergone a gentrified makeover that has brought enough upscale loft apartments, designer shops, and restaurants to suit the influx of young professionals without totally alienating the punks and metalheads who still call this neighborhood home.

During the day, Tompkins Square Park – former stomping grounds of drug pushers and skinheads – now acts as a focal point of activity where both edgy rockers and yuppies pushing baby carriages go to kick back, while college students peruse the nearby record stores or grab a table at one of the tiny ethnic restaurants.

With the greatest concentration of bars in Manhattan, from St. Marks Place to Alphabet City, the East Village offers plenty of options that cater to just about everyone, from the hipsters and post-grad preps looking for craft cocktail speakeasies, Irish pubs, and chill lounges to the tattooed creative types swarming into the dive bars and underground music venues.

Of course there’s also a Starbucks on every corner and rent is outrageous, but for those who enjoy their bohemia with a bit of bourgeois flair, the East Village is the place to be.


Where to Go in the East Village

  • * UCB East Comedy / Improv / Comedy Club

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