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Webster Hall It's not hard to see how Webster Hall came to be known as the first modern nightclub – since its inception back in 1886, this multilevel space has shown a chameleon-like ability to transform from dance hall to live music... New York United States 40.7316872 -73.9892914
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Webster Hall - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in New York.
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Party Earth Review It’s not hard to see how Webster Hall came to be known as the first modern nightclub – since its inception back in 1886, this multilevel space has shown a chameleon-like ability to transform from dance hall... ... read full review

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    L, N, Q, R, 4, 5, 6: 14th Street-Union Square; L: 3rd Avenue-14th Street; 6: Astor Place-4th Avenue

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    Su–W 7pm–1am, Th–Sa 10pm–4am; hours vary by event and area

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    • Night Spot

Webster Hall Videos

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Webster Hall Presents: Boys Noize and Rusko

Party Earth Webster Hall Review

The Scene

It's not hard to see how Webster Hall came to be known as the first modern nightclub – since its inception back in 1886, this multilevel space has shown a chameleon-like ability to transform from dance hall to live music...

It’s not hard to see how Webster Hall came to be known as the first modern nightclub – since its inception back in 1886, this multilevel space has shown a chameleon-like ability to transform from dance hall to live music venue or from hip-hop hangout to salsa palace.

Once past the door and into the foyer, young patrons of every stripe are greeted by throbbing, floor-shaking music and a glimpse of partiers gyrating amid the smoke and colored lights of the Marlin Room, a large red space with low ceilings, a black-topped bar, and a spacious stage alternately used by mash-up-spinning DJs and burlesque shows.

Guests who take the winding marble staircase down to the Studio will find a black-and-white antechamber that gives way to a small dark performance space and recording studio frequented by a slightly more hipster crowd enjoying various hip-hop and DJ acts.

Those in the mood for a true dance party should head up to the magnificent Grand Ballroom, where hundreds of writhing young professionals and tipsy college students let loose to the pounding beats of the DJ beneath the grandeur of high ceilings, balconies, and a giant disco ball.

A red velvet curtain conceals the huge proscenium stage, site of Saturday night circus acts complete with stilt walkers, magicians, and aerial acrobats, as well as the live music series Bowery Presents, which hosts big-name artists like Kings of Leon.

Patrons looking for a extravagant production can check out the long, dimly-lit parlor called the Balcony Lounge, an intimate area where sweaty singles grind to alternative dance music or sway to the beat of salsa.

The many distinct environments, types of music, and people that flock to this venue transform Webster Hall into an ever-changing, four-story funhouse sure to impress first-timers and seasoned club-goers alike.

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Tip from Jonah:

Cover charges can run as high as $30, but with that you get access to every room in the club. If you’re worried about it, you can get ten bucks off by buying tickets in advance.

  • Crowd

    Melting pot including young professionals, local hipsters, hip-hop lovers, outer-borough folks, college students, and suburbanites. More hip-hop crowd on Thursdays, cool young Brooklyn kids on Fridays, and a slightly older young professional party crowd on Saturdays. Early 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Four different parties, each with its own entertainment. Generally, a DJ spins hip-hop in the Studio; the Marlin Room features anything from Top 40 mash-ups to electro-hipster pop on Fridays; the Grand Ballroom plays a range from mainstream hip-hop to electronic house; and the Balcony Lounge usually plays salsa.

    Ladies’ Night on Thursdays features big-name hip-hop acts in the Grand Ballroom and a burlesque show at 11pm in the Marlin Room. Fridays feature the Boys and Girls party in the Grand Ballroom with big-name DJs like MSTRKRFT, Tiësto, and Deadmau5, and a Trash party in the Studio with electro-rock and punk.

    Saturday nights feature the extravagant Circus show at 2am in the Grand Ballroom.

    The Studio is open almost every night and has a separate entrance and cover charge.

    Bowery Presents, a series of live music concerts featuring bigger-name bands, takes place in the Grand Ballroom. Check website for schedule.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bars in every room offer different drink specials that change nightly. Special packages for bottle service, all-included drinking, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. Check the website for details.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $12/Studio events, $25/Th–F and $30/Sa for access to entire club. Ladies’ Night free for ladies/first two hours, $15/guys 21+ and $10/guys under 21 before 11:30pm.

    No cover charge M. Drink prices vary by bar and event, but generally beer $3–$7, wine $5–$7, cocktails $7–$9, bottle service $250+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy on club nights (Th–Sa): dresses and heels, collared shirts, no hats. Anything goes for Bowery Presents, Trash, and Studio nights: T-shirts, sneakers, jeans, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night to see a specific DJ or band, Thursdays for Ladies’ Night and burlesque in the Grand Ballroom, Fridays for the Trash Party in the Studio, and Saturdays for a wild club party and the Circus in the Grand Ballroom.

  • Close By

    The popular urban brasserie The Smith (55 Third Avenue) offers excellent pre-club eats.

Webster Hall User Reviews

Average rating:
Ladies leave your heels at home
Shayla V. Aug 20, 2013
Webster Hall can be summed up in one word: MASSIVE. It has the ability to change with the ebb and flow of NYC. One night you could be walking into an inide artist set and on another it is a Daft Punk tribute concert that gets people through the door. Even it isn't a special event, Webster Hall has something for everybody. Usually on the top floor, it's more electronic, the middle is more current and hip hop and the basement...well sometimes strange things are happening in the basement. Tickets for artist can be as low as $10 and as high as $30. Always check the website. ALWAYS. You can get discounted tickets or even free entry on a special list. If you are a crowd snob, well then this isn't the place for you either. It's usually a younger crowd taking up the dance floor or when it's an EDM artist in town, it becomes a sea of Bassheads. There is limited bottle service and even less places to sit. Webster Hall is truly for the "dance" party goer. It will be crowded and you will sweat, but the music is usually on point no matter the genre and the crowd is inviting. Ladies leave you heels at home.
Yin Y. Jul 10, 2013
= =
Great Artists, Interesting Crowd
Anna R. Jul 8, 2013
I've been to Webster Hall for a number of shows. You can really get any kind of experience here. The Studio in the basement provides a really intimate experience with the artists, but they tend to be all-age shows, attracting a sometimes, more annoying crowd. While the upstairs is still somewhat intimate compared to other venues in NYC, depending on the artist it can fill up quickly, and it gets PACKED. It can get claustrophobic even. Other shows are really relaxed, and you can really dance. The one thing I find a little creepy is the VIP balcony which is above the general dance floor. They always seem to watching the crowd and sometimes..its a little weird. Overall, its a pretty awesome venue, it just depends on the artist and what you make of the experience.
If you NEED to dance...
Taylor M. Jun 21, 2013
There are always events going on, and to be honest it's a pretty great concert hall. Tons of really great artists play here so I really suggest checking out their event schedule. I once saw Robyn here and managed to get up front and the show was great! On other nights it's just your average club. My friend used to live beside Webster Hall so we always got in free, it was their way of keeping peace with the neighbors and not getting noise complaints. No matter what the place is crowded, and I always feel like there is no AC. The cover charge varies depending on the night but you will end up paying 10 dollars for a bud light. But if you need a dancing fix then this is probably a good spot to try.
Webster Hall is cool... nothing too crazy
Joseph T. Jun 20, 2013
I've attended Webster a few times and it's fun. What i like about it is that you can go to different areas and dance different music but sometimes that's not the case when some rooms are overly packed and you know people are still trying to stuff themselves in the room. The ticket prices are decent. I've seen better but then again thats a big place and its worth it in the end. If you want a good spot to party on a Thursday, check it out.
Typical Dance club
Karianne R. May 30, 2013
If you want the full NYC clubbing experience, Webster Hall is the place to go!! I went to see Ke$ha in concert (don't judge me!) and paid like $15 for the tickets. The whole night was just your typical clubbing experience; we were waiting for the concert to start hours after it was supposed to, it was super crowded and hot, the drinks were ridiculously expensive (even water was like $5!!), and lots of strobe lights and people trying to grind on you. The line to get in was long and if you check your coat, it will be hell to go through coat check at the end of the night and get it back. But that's how all major clubs are and despite all that, I still had a really fun time!! There's so much dancing and even some stages you can get up and dance on! The DJs and performers are pretty good and there are different floors that play different types of music, from house and dubstep to hip-hop and radio hits. So if you don't like the music that's playing, just head to one of the other floors and you're sure to find some music that suites you! Overall it was really great club experience and f you want to dance all night amidst throngs of people and flashing lights, then go for it!
Great Experience!
Lawrence P. May 28, 2013
I was first surprised at how fast I was able to get in. The line was not long and I was able to go in for free. Usually the venue charges a cover charge. The club offers 3 different floors. The top Hip-Hop and radio music. The middle floor is dedicated to House Music and downstairs is Dubstep. I liked the music on the top floor, because I was able to dance and have a good time. The DJ (Spynfo) was amazing, because he had so much energy when he was spinning and it transcend to the crowd. Not only was the music on point, but the drinks as well. This floor was able to offer 2 separate bars, which made things easier when I purchased a drink. The beer was a bit expensive for $8, but the drinks ranged from $10-$15, which wasn't bad. The club was huge, the music was great and there was no waiting in line. I'd say it was a successful night. I will be going back again and I recommend going with a few friends on the weekend.
Definitely an unforgettable experience!
Austin C. May 13, 2013
I heard from people around the city that this was a fun place to go to on Saturday nights. So I felt I had to check it out and I’m glad I did because it was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been too! First you pay a $30 cover charge at the door to get in, unless you buy ahead of time so you only pay $15, and if you have a coat you have to go through coat check and pay for them to hold onto it for you. From there you walk through the lowest level of Webster Hall. There was a lot of smoke, strobe lights, lasers, a bar and a DJ. I liked the effect that all this ambiance gave the DJ because he looked like a silhouette spinning records by the glow of his MacBook Pro. The atmosphere down there was kind of like a college party. It was loud but very chill and people were laughing and mingling with each other. From there I worked my way up the stairs to the second floor where they mostly played Hip Hop. There were a lot of girls dancing and having a great time! If you're a single guy in New York City I found this place to be one of the best to dance with random girls. It was also a Saturday night, which meant that it was Circus Saturdays so people were dressed like animals, ringleaders, fire breathers, acrobats, and other circus performers. There was even a bearded lady! The bartenders were mostly if not all girls and they made the BEST mixed drinks. They also had a special on Yuengling that night for something like $4. I liked the convenience of having a sidebar on opposite sides of each room in this three-story fun house and each floor has a different vibe. I came back another time for a rap battle between six different artists that took place in The Grand Ballroom. Rap artists like Cassidy, Busta Rhymes, and French Montana were in the balcony section showing as much excitement as the crowd was for the rap battlers. Everyone was hype! Busta Ryhmes was having so much fun he almost fell off the balcony! Diddy was also in attendance and he gave the winner of one battle ten thousand dollars cash! If you are new to New York City or there for the weekend and are looking for a taste of that infamous nightlife that the city has to offer, I highly recommend that you start with Webster Hall! It’s an unforgettable experience!
Great Artists, Mixed Crowd
Rachel S. May 7, 2013
I went to Webster Hall to meet up with friends this past summer and caught the last few minutes of Sex Ray Vision’s set. Out of the three levels, they played in the basement. The energy was great , and after the set was finished, we headed upstairs to the main dance-floor. I was not impressed with the crowd-- people seemed either too young or too old. There was no happy medium whatsoever. The music was upbeat and up-to-date, but there was nothing out of the ordinary that made me want to go back to Webster Hall. I left feeling like my $20 cover fee was wasted on a semi-packed dance-floor and a strange mix of people. If you are over 21 and looking for a great place to go drink and have a great time in NYC—Webster Hall is not the place to go. Yes, Webster Hall brings in great musicians at times, but on any other night, I suggest another club.
Can Understand the Hate, but Webster Hall Can Be Fun
Andrew W. Apr 25, 2013
Like many of the well known venues across New York City there will be people looking to heap praise just as much as hate, and Webster Hall is no different. There are horror stories of rough security, douchey VIPers dumping drinks onto the general crowd and security turning a blind eye, and other various horror stories. However, Webster Hall is no Pacha. I can't say any of that happened to my group of friends and I at Webster Hall. We went a few months back (Super Bowl Sunday to be exact) to see one of our favorite DJs , Feed Me, and were ready for some horror stories to unfold. Instead, we had a blast! While over crowded there was still ample space to catch your breath and get back in to dancing whenever you were ready. The crowd was a bit younger which can be good and bad. The good is that you end up with a lively crowd of mostly PLUR ravers that are welcoming and accepting of everyone that accepts the EDM scene. However, you also end up with a few that the only ID you need to be checking on them is their high school IDs to confirm they are even in their teens (or at least that's how they look). My one friend ended up getting tripped, leading to a spilled drink and lost cell phone, by two wasted prostitots who were laying down on the floor about ready to have sex. That was fifteen minutes into the opener! To security's credit they were kicked out but it took another twenty minutes for this to happen. Regardless of the few bad spots in the night Webster Hall provided a solid venue for the night. The floor was packed, the crowd was lively, everyone was respectful of one another and the Djs killed it! Kandis were being swapped, new friends were being made and everyone left a sweaty mess. In short, all you can ask for at the end of a great night out.
Where you want to spend your Saturday nights!
Melissa J. Apr 10, 2013
Between acrobats hanging from the ceiling to the fire breathers on stage, Circus Saturdays combines breathtaking visual performances with the best EDM music in the city. The entire main floor of Webster Hall is transformed into a circus atmosphere with everything from clowns to stilt walkers to jugglers. Webster has an amazing atmosphere as well as great artists dropping heavy beats for EDM lovers. The only drawback to this venue are the steep drink prices, ranging around $12-16 for a mixed drink. Also great for those who aren't 21 yet... Webster Hall is one of the few clubs which allows club-goers 19+ to enter, but only offers drinks to those of age.
Had a fun time, nice venue
C M. Apr 1, 2013
I saw a Bowery Presents show here last year featuring Curren$y and Styles P and it was a definite blast. Security is so-so with the pat downs and whatnot on the way in but once you’re in there, they are seek-and-destroy mode. So, for all you kids who are doing stuff you aren’t supposed to once you’re inside, be warned. They are a little stricter than other places I’ve been. A couple people were tossed out. We were on the third floor so once the show was really going and there was a ton of energy, it felt like we were gonna fall through the floor (in a cool, fun way). The sound system is one of the better ones I’ve heard in the city and there is good acoustics. I’ll definitely go again.
Fun place, Especially on Thursdays
Erica G. Mar 31, 2013
Almost every time I have been to Webster Hall it has been packed. Every floor has something different, with genres that work for everyone. The top floor on Thursday nights is always packed with people as well as the basement. The main floor is usually top 40 music. Really good if you have friends that are not 21 but you all still want to go out. Everyone will have a good time here, I suggest seeing for yourself!
Webster Hall
Flash S. Mar 29, 2013
I had to visit this place after hearing everything I was told and I wasn't let down. The music was great and I loved the mix crowd of people. By far the best nightclub in the tristate area. Loved that it had various levels or different music. Didn't leave this place till sunrise. Loved it !!!
Webster Hall Can't go wrong
Sabrina S. Mar 28, 2013
One of those places your really can't go wrong with. Theres a good variety of music, something different on each floor so you have choices. Theres something for everyone the basement is usually a more mellow vide while the third floor is usually a full on dance party. I'd recommend using the bathrooms in the basement because the ones upstairs are unisex. 19+ great place for under 21.
DJ Yonnie at Webster
Roslyn G. Mar 25, 2013
During winter break, my girlfriends and I wanted something fun to do after taking a long semester of classes! My friend decided that this DJ guy who previously went to her college was coming to New York City at Webster Hall. We jumped at the chance and got tickets. THE PLACE WAS AMAZING. They had four amazing DJs and we were able to dance since there was plenty of room! They were pretty much playing underground music and you could dance all night. There are three floors but we spent most of it on the main. They are really good about tickets especially for us college kids which was $20. Great way to meet people and have the time of your life!
Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!!
Dionne P. Mar 12, 2013
There are three floor for dancing. When i was there , i stucked up with the first floor cause dj was playing good popular club music. The rest of the floor' s dj was playing underground music. Webster hall is for everyone. But enterance fee is necessarry. I paid 20$ including one drink.
The Hub of Club Culture in NYC
A A. Feb 25, 2013
Where’s the party at, NYC? Obviously, Webster Hall! Webster Hall, New York’s largest nightclub, is the city’s premier spot for electronic dance music culture as well as the latest and greatest rock and pop acts. Within the club, several performance environments offer guests unique experiences. The 300-capacity Studio is a basement hangout laced with steam and smoke. The crowd crams into the room to see rockers and indie punks strum their guitars and thrash their drums. After 10PM, clubbers warm up in the 500-capacity Marlin Room, where DJ’s spin mixes of the greatest hits from the 80’s, 90’s and (occasionally) today. With speakers that fall just a couple of feet short of the ceiling and animated disco lights that shower the college-age crowd in rainbows, bodies will throb to the music whether they want to or not. The 1500-capacity Grand Ballroom, Webster Hall’s staple, stands two stories high with a balcony. The space hosts name-brand DJ’s, electronic music acts and bands. Shows usually feature 3-4 artists performing original music and last 4 hours. On dance music nights, DJ’s blast four-to-the-floor, hands-in-the-air anthems with throbbing bass lines and kick drums. Behind the artists, lasers, videography and starry lights adorn the stage. By midnight, the ballroom becomes packed shoulder-to-shoulder with an eclectic mix of clubbers ranging from late teens to mid 30’s. Unlike at other clubs, parties and bars, both the men and women are dancing. Red-Bull-fueled 20-something boys wearing hair gel, baseball caps and glowstick bracelets engage in impromptu dance-offs while girls in tight black tank tops and jeans flock together to shake their hips. An occasional older couple will sashay to a quiet corner. Many patrons under the influence may try to convince others to sell or buy drugs. Women should expect men to surreptitiously grind up against their bodies, ‘accidentally’ pinch their behinds, follow them around and relentlessly proposition them to dance. A lucky few scantily-clad patrons can escape this situation by passing through the bouncer ‘gate’ to dance on stage left. A night at Webster Hall is expensive for those who are not careful. Tickets run around $25 but customers save about $6 by ordering their tickets online. Coat check is $6/item. Drinks run for at least $10 apiece. Clubbers should arrive after 11PM, because the party doesn’t get started until 11:30PM and, if they want to avoid the rush at coat check and the exit doors, they should leave the ballroom by 2:45AM.
A Cultural and Historical Venue
Justin V. Feb 20, 2013
For more than 100 years, Webster Hall has been a staple of entertainment in New York City; a cultural and historical venue that has served patrons the best musical acts in the country. From first glance of a waiting line outside dancing and moving to the muffled bass that travels down the block, the red neon sign lighting the night behind the steel barricades creates an attractive allure that you'll want to be part of what is happening on the other side of that door. Once inside, the music takes control of the three-level structure just waiting to be explored. The top two floors are the main areas and the opened architecture creates a light, airy feeling, as opposed to other venues that could make a patron feel boxed in. The crisp sound and vibrant lights bring the music to life, no matter if you went to see rock, rap, dance or house. It's about creating an experience and atmosphere that will want you coming back for more. With a diverse mix of musical acts and specialty "theme nights," make sure you always check their calendar.
The Unseen Hero of New York's Music Scene
Robert L. Feb 7, 2013
Tucked away on a side street off of Union Square, Webster Hall can be easily overlooked. Its worth the trip though! Catch headliners like The Black Keys upstairs, crazy raves or some of New York's local music scene performing in the club downstairs, there is something for everything. The best part of Webster Hall is the vibrant community around the area. The energy from St. Marks, Thompson Square Park, Union Square and the NYU dorms make it possible to have a great night eating at cool restaurants and grabbing a drink at interesting bars all in the immediate vicinity of your show. Don't pass up an opportunity to see a show at this classic New York joint!
Webster Hall
Natasia R. Dec 23, 2012
Generation after generation, people are continuously raving about it! Perhaps, it's the fact that the age requirement to get in is merely 18. Or, maybe it's the variety of artists that are always there performing for your entertainment. It could even be a result of Thursday nights, which are "Ladies' Nights" because it is not just the women who love this night, but the MEN as well! Webster Hall has been around for YEARS and there are plenty of reasons why! With its different levels, which are all themed, there is sure to be a floor or two for you to dance on all night long!
only if you're going for a particular performer
Nicole H. Nov 28, 2012
This multi-story club attracts a mixed crowd that's very young, but it always has big name performers. I'd go if your all-time favorite artist performs, but not otherwise. It can get really hot, and really crowded. The crowd typically drinks too much and loses their manners. Might be best to get some VIP seating to avoid elbow bumping and spilled drinks. You have to go with a carefree attitude.
Risa C. Nov 22, 2012
I agree with the other reviews, the space itself is mehhhh but it's a good venue if you're going to see a specific performance. In the past I've been there for both EDM and Indie music events and have had a good time at both, but the space itself isn't particularly special. My other gripe about the place as a club is that they tend to be 18 and over which was cool when I was 18 but now in my mid 20's I have a hard time going out to a club where I could run into kids I used to babysit.
Only if you really like the band
Chris K. Nov 19, 2012
Webster Hall, to its credit, often showcases really cool underground bands that other venues wouldn't shake a stick at, from Japan's Mono to Brooklyn's Krallice, and it does have a history in the New York City scene that can't be denied. There's also kind of a dystopian old theater atmosphere here that's pretty cool. With that said, this venue is often filled with annoying club kids with awful manners, and the staff is rarely anything above surly. On top of that, there are the infamous drink charges, which would seem exorbitant in a place that didn't have a certain air of STDs about it. If there's a band you want to see playing there, then yes, by all means come through--it's not THAT much worse than Irving Plaza. Otherwise, there are other places to go.
Hit Or Miss
Jaclyn W. Nov 14, 2012
I have always been a fan of Webster Hall primarily for it's music scene. While the acoustics of the venue are not anything mind blowing, it's still a lot of fun to see a show there because of how intimate the setting is between the stage and the crowd. The drinks are okay and the crowd changes depending on who is playing for the night, but you definitely have to go to a concert or two here at least once in your lifetime. I've been to more concerts here than any other venue in New York City and I can honestly say that I have always had a good time. There are three floors: one at the top that is usually reserved for VIP and balcony viewing, the main floor that has two bars and a basement, which has a separate entrance. If you've come from a suburban area and you were into punk rock as a middle/high schooler, the basement is a lot like one of the venues you probably went to for your best friend's band show. As it gets later, the basement plays club music so lots of dancing going on. The main floor also turns into a bar/dance scene, but it has to be late after all performances have ended. My suggestion: drink before you come and you'll have a decent time.
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