The Delancey

20s / 30s / Affluent Hipsters / Artistic Professionals / Bar / Birthday Parties / Blouses / Bottle Service / Button-downs / Club / Club Kids / Coat Check / Collared Shirts / Cover charge / Creative / DJ / Designer Jeans / Funky Dresses / Great View / Happy Hour / High Heels / Hip-Hop / Intimate / Jeans / Live Band / Live Music / Live Music Venue / Party Groups / Pop / R&B / Rooftop / Rooftop Lounge / Stylish / T-shirts / Tank Tops / VIP Area
The Delancey The Delancey provides hipsters and hops chasers with a three-floor hang that features a gritty rock venue, an intimate night club, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge, all tucked into an unassuming... New York United States 40.71781 -73.98531
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The Delancey - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Rooftop Lounge in New York.
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Party Earth Review The Delancey provides hipsters and hops chasers with a three-floor hang that features a gritty rock venue, an intimate night club, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge, all tucked into an... ... read full review

  • Subway:

    J, M, Z: Essex Street; F: Delancey Street

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  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–4am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Delancey Review

The Scene

The Delancey provides hipsters and hops chasers with a three-floor hang that features a gritty rock venue, an intimate night club, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge, all tucked into an unassuming...

The Delancey provides hipsters and hops chasers with a three-floor hang that features a gritty rock venue, an intimate night club, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge, all tucked into an unassuming nook on the Lower East Side.

Once past the imposing, but not impossible doorman, laid-back partiers spill into the main lounge and club area, where groups of skinny-jeaned professionals opt for the reserved leather benches by the open front windows or settle into the VIP alcove beneath the Victorian chandeliers, sipping cocktails as the DJ spins chill pop jams.

Downstairs, low-maintenance rockers and tattooed scene girls slouch on plush black couches in the narrow basement venue, chatting over Stellas as indie rock and punk bands take to the small stage.

Patrons looking for a sleeker vibe need only head two stories up to the urban oasis of the rooftop garden, where stylish crews of party girls and successful business types relax on white chaises and flirt beneath the tropical palms. The garden’s retractable roof and stunning views make it a year-round destination for private parties and public revelry alike.

Gamely striving to bring a little Upper East Side swank and SoHo chic to downtown, The Delancey is a triple treat for patrons seeking a varied scene in the comfort of a single LES location.

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Tip from Emma:

With so many different scenes to suit so many different types, The Delancey is a great spot for a birthday party. The managers have even been known to offer a free bottle or two to birthday boys and girls who are dropping enough cash.

  • Crowd

    Club kids, party girls, successful hipsters, well-off creative professionals, and edgy partiers, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live bands playing indie, alternative, and rock downstairs. DJs spin chill beats, hip-hop, R&B, and pop on the main floor and the rooftop.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour M–W, Su 5–8pm, Th 5–7pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $5–$10. Beer $5+, wine $8+, cocktails $8–$10. Coat check $3. Bottle service $120–$250.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Basement: t-shirts, tank-tops, jeans, Chucks. First floor: button-downs, jackets, funky dresses, blouses, boots. Rooftop: collared shirts, jackets, nice jeans, sundresses, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest crowds and parties.

  • Close By

    A short walk away is Fat Baby (112 Rivington Street), another multi-level club-meets-concert-venue where drinkers can relax while enjoying live music.

The Delancey User Reviews

Average rating:
Cheap drinks and enough space is a good time
Joseph T. Jun 20, 2013
You can't really argue with a place that has two floors to party on. Add to it cheap drinks and you have a full night ahead of you. The bartenders are good with the mixes, nothing watered down. If there's an event at the delancey, then you're going to have a good time and not feel like you're cramped in a mouse hole.
The Delancey = #Awesome
Daniel J. May 29, 2013
The scenery is amazing, its the perfect summer location, from the tropical look to the out door roof top. The delancey is not a place to over look. During the day its a chill place but once the night roll around get ready to get TURND UP!!!! Amazing drinks from amazing bartenders, Awesome music, meeting cool new people and building a rememorable experience ( If you didnt drink to much lol)
The Delancey: Mix of Manhattan
Stephanie M. Mar 27, 2013
When you first walk into The Delancey, you'll notice the low mood lighting and the rouge color scheme throughout the bar. The space is big enough for a size-able crowd and cozy enough for a date night, at least until the late night crowd rolls in. The lower level is all about the band, with the stage setup at one end of the room and the bar at the other. Although there is a $30 minimum at the bar to use your card, it's not hard to thirty bucks once the music starts up and the drinks start flowing. The crowd is diverse, from young hipsters to middle-aged rock n rollers. The bartenders are generally chill and you won't notice your diminishing bank account until the next day. This is a party all night kind of place and you definitely won't want the night to end!
The Delancey: Hip with a Splash of Schizophrenic
Sunroot L. Feb 21, 2013
The Delancey offers NYC's hipsters and all-around cool cats a veritable go-to watering hole in Manhattans LES (Lower East Side). The Delancey is primarily divided into two floors. The first, with a large bar and some reserve-able seating, and the second, an open-air deck with a nice view. As I mentioned, the first floor of The Delancey houses a spacious bar, complete with it's own down-to-earth lady bartender and plenty of standing room (at first...). Both the front and the back of the bar come with a good amount of seating although the back half is usually reserved ahead of time. This floor is dimly lit, perfect to up your chances with the lady whose ear you're yelling in. The second floor boasts a great rooftop deck that brings a tropical feel to the heart of the LES. With palm trees and patio furniture, this floor will give you some breathing room, that is if you can get up there. (Often you have to know someone, or bat an eye or two to get upstairs) Which brings me to the schizo part of the bar. One thing to know about this place is that it gets PACKED. On a good evening, it will get busy. Real busy. Like wall to wall bodies busy. The strange thing about it is that if you get in earlier, it's mostly empty. Stranger still is that even when it is is sweating-balls hot by the bar, it is still near empty by the seats in the front. All in all, a great bar to go to if you want to be in the heart of IT. Good music. Expected prices, but friendly service. Diversity within itself makes it a good place to check out with friends.
The Delancey - Three Ways to Party
Mike F. Feb 20, 2013
The Delancey, referred to as, "The DL," is one of the city's many great spots. New York City, one of the meccas of nightlife, has a very competitive club/bar scene. Fortunately, "The DL" covers all aspects of entertainment. From the outside it has a very modern appearance (LA feeling). Once inside you immediately realize it is a very unique place. The downstairs hosts the restaurant; high tops, large leather booths, and an elegant bar. If you're seeking something a little loungeier, head upstairs to the second floor. This floor, also known as, "The Red Room," hosts an open setting. There are couches and booths to sit in, however, this is generally an area of dancing and live music. The Red Room is a great floor to drink and dance, but it gets very crowded. You should be prepared to get exceptionally close to strangers and possibly make some new friends. If the second floor doesn't seem to be your scene then the third floor should have something to offer you. The final floor of "The DL" is home to an open-air rooftop deck. Palm Trees, patio furniture, and a beautiful outdoor bar transport you to South Beach. When on the top deck you might forget you're in New York City (weather pending). It is a relaxed atmosphere with great views and a club feel. This top floor is a great spot to grab a drink, listen to some music, and enjoy your surroundings. The multiple floors of "The DL" create a very diverse crowd. Despite being referred to as a hipster spot, the Delancey brings in various types of people looking to have a great night in the city. Whether you're going out with friends or trying to meet some new people, "The DL" is a great place to begin and/or end your night.
Get Lost at The Delancey
Allison F. Feb 11, 2013
The Delancey is one of those bars you can get lost in. The downstairs venue is all black, dark, and very fun. The upstairs bar is still dim, but wood and has a really nice almost jazzy vibe (despite the lack of jazz music). The rooftop is amazing! It's got heat lamps and cozy couches, you'd never imagine you were in the same place as the basement stage area. Overall a great time, always with good music.
good venue, always gets too crowded
Mark S. Dec 11, 2012
The Delancey is a very good venue. There is an excellent rooftop area with Palm trees, etc. and also an indoor area. This is the allure, and a large reason why it gets so packed. And this is turn is why I can't love this place. It's not the hipsterrific fact that its not cool now that everyone goes there. Its that its difficult to get a drink, difficult to even walk around especially in the outside area. Drinks are about as expensive as youd expect for a rooftop bar. Its really popular for birthdays, and its a good spot provided that you dont mind grinding past 100 people to get to the bathroom.
A bit much, cool balcony
Chris K. Nov 26, 2012
The three floors of the Delancey can be a bit overwhelming, and often at least one of them seems gratuitous. The main floor's bar and lounge areas are swanky enough, though usually packed and and hard to hear in. The downstairs bar and venue is all right, though the stage is pretty tiny and it just doesn't have the true grit of a solid rock club. But the balcony, a palm frond-covered wooden terrace with a fountain from which one can get a gorgeous view of the Lower East Side as well as the Brooklyn Bridge--that's the bomb. That's where the beautiful people go to lounge on chaises and sip tall cocktails in a strangely serene industrial surrounding. If you can make it up to the balcony--it's often packed--then hang out. Otherwise, there are plenty of other gin joints in this hood.
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