NYC Strip Clubs Overview

The Box - Bar | Club | Lounge in NYC

While many of the city’s seedier dens of iniquity have been lost to Disney musicals and Giuliani’s Zero Tolerance policy, the strip clubs of New York City are still there for those interested, and are as ribald as ever.

Times Square is still home to the most traditional New York strip clubs. Lace and Private Eyes provide the genuine experience for finance types, big groups of tourist bros, and the occasional huddle of adventurous queer girlfriends.

But NYC strip clubs can also take on stranger, less common appearances. The erotic cabaret is a common occurrence in New York, and while The Love Show and The Box don’t offer lap dances or brass rails, they do mix nudity and performance art in a fascinating way. Meanwhile, mainstream dance spots like Pacha and Westway provide polo-clad club kids and glitter-smeared girls with topless entertainment.

Though the Big Apple might not have the same strip-cred as Atlanta or Oakland, New York strip clubs are a mainstay of the city that never sleeps.

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