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Santos Party House The area south of Canal Street where Santos Party House resides may look barren and uninviting by day, but after dark, the place comes alive with a boisterous crowd of hipsters eager to dance and groove to a throbbing beat. New York United States 40.7176412 -74.0012834
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Santos Party House - Club | Lounge | Music Venue in New York.
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Party Earth Review The area south of Canal Street where Santos Party House resides may look barren and uninviting by day, but after dark, the place comes alive with a boisterous crowd of hipsters eager to dance and groove to a throbbing... ... read full review

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    N, Q, R: Canal Street-Broadway; 6: Canal Street-Lafayette Street; J, Z: Canal Street-Centre Street

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    Daily 6pm–4am, depending on event

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Santos Party House Review

The Scene

The area south of Canal Street where Santos Party House resides may look barren and uninviting by day, but after dark, the place comes alive with a boisterous crowd of hipsters eager to dance and groove to a throbbing beat.

The area south of Canal Street where Santos Party House resides may look barren and uninviting by day, but after dark, the place comes alive with a boisterous crowd of hipsters eager to dance and groove to a throbbing beat.

Launched by 90s nightlife legends Andrew W.K. and Spencer Sweeney, Santos is a gritty, bi-level, 8,000-square-foot club where patrons get the distinct feeling that luxury is a social ill and music and dancing are the cure.

If the club’s open main room with its elevated stage, polished wood floors, white columns, and massive disco ball doesn't pay enough homage to The Loft and Paradise Garage, then the downstairs basement’s no-frills cinder block décor and wall of neon-fluorescent lighting certainly will.

Although the space caters to an eclectic underground crowd that varies according to the night’s music, one thing is sure – the 150,000-watt stereo system pulls in the coolest of the cool DJ acts from the electro, house, hip-hop, and dancepunk communities, which is why heavy hitters like Q-Tip, Rich Medina, and Danny Krivit have held weekly parties here.

With such a booming sound system, this place is obviously made for dancing, and wallflowers will find very few seats and only three small bars scattered over the two levels.

The décor may be as stark as the neighborhood, but the wildly diverse musical line-up and exuberant clientele make Santos the hip place to be for all-night underground dance parties.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you want to get in for free, get yourself on the RSVP lists. Details or flyers on how to do that are usually available on the website.

  • Crowd

    Diverse mix of downtown darlings, edgy hipsters, and underground art and music types, 20s to 30s, and hip-hop heads, house lovers, and disco queens, 40s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    The owners’ nightlife and entertainment connections bring in big-name acts, DJs, and performances, including electro parties and disco nights. Check the website for daily listings.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    None. Reduced drink specials some nights. Check the website for flyers and details.

  • Prices

    Cover charge up to $25 for some parties, others free with RSVP. Beer $7+, mixed drinks $10+, shots $10+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Depends on the party. For underground hipster shows, the general uniform is skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. For retro house parties, attire is more casual and comfortable.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays for the electro parties, Fridays for the Reopened house and soul parties with Just Blaze, Saturdays for the basement parties. The monthly disco and house high-tea party also draws a good crowd.

  • Close By

    Underground dance parties featuring similar music are often held on Fridays and Saturdays in an abandoned dim sum restaurant inside the Manhattan Bridge ramp, a space known on the street as 88 Palace (88 East Broadway). Check for party listings.

Santos Party House User Reviews

Average rating:
Wouldn't go unless I had a specific reason
Leigh G. Nov 12, 2013
To me, this venue always feels like a spring break bar. It is usually packed and hot, with a younger crowd of high school and college students. It has been known to feature some good DJs, but their regular DJ is nothing special. They mostly play House music and each Saturday night feels almost a little bit rave-ish. The tables upstairs are packed pretty close together, and they usually squeeze so many people into the VIP section that it feels anything but. I actually fell asleep here one night. I was just extraordinarily tired, and wasn't having a great time, and managed to sit down at an empty table upstairs and literally fall asleep amidst the music and dancing. That goes to show how mundane this venue can be on a typical weekend night. The downstairs room tends to be significantly less crowded, but that means that the type of people down there are not always the ones looking to have the craziest time out. The decor consistently freaks me out, with mannequin limbs all over the place, and heavy use of pointer lighting and smoke machines. Staff here in my experience are pushy and inflexible, which makes sense considering the hordes of people that are usually lined up to go inside. I have had half of my party made to wait outside once half of us had already entered for no apparent reason other than crowd control. They are also particularly strict and stingy about coat check, for which prices vary night to night.
It's okay.
Juliano W. May 7, 2013
I've only been here once and don't really feel the need to come back any time soon. For one, it's rather small inside but depending on that band it's not really a bad thing. I came to see Walk The Moon because I really like their performance in general but have not come back to see any other band. Most people who came were friendly and it was not hard making new friends there. The only good thing about this venue is that there is no barrier from the crowd to the band so you are literally right there and if you tried I'm sure you could grab a mic stand or perhaps one of the band members if you tried hard enough.
Drunk and Sweaty College Students
Risa C. Dec 11, 2012
I came here with my friend who's in college to check out a British EDM DJ that we both liked, but even she was a little overwhelmed by the frattishness of the place. In many ways, it reminded me of a little less drug infested Pacha with my decision to wear heels being an unwise one as many people were in sneakers or other variations of flat shoes. When I went the basement was a bit more empty, but still had a good DJ which ultimately made it my favorite part of the club. Upstairs, it was crazy packed and very loud, it sort of reminded me of that moment in Wedding Crashers - I had sweaty college students all over me speaking to me in drunken languages I couldn't understand. I'd check it out again if I really liked the DJ or was plastered beyond comprehension, but otherwise I'll leave it to the college age crowd.
Ross W. Dec 10, 2012
Very cool venue. At times it gets way too packed and hot. The options of getting a table either upstairs or down is positive depending on individuals likings. Smoke machines are too much at times. Good venue for DJs and the rave scene.
Hell yeah!
Chris K. Nov 30, 2012
First of all, ladies and gentlemen wearing your best out for the night, I have one word for you: SWEATY. Santos Party House is not a place to be dressed to the nines, as it gets packed and hot quickly. For those of you who are here to party rather than peacock, COME ON DOWN! This venue, co-owned by Mr. Andrew WK, is an awesome concert venue and party location, perfect for everything from a dance-off to a death metal show. If your idea of a perfect night involves throwing your hands in the air, bouncing around a room, and having other people collide into you, then this is your necessary hangout. Good when you're sober, better when you're drunk, perfect when you're making out with a sweaty hottie as the crowd goes completely nuts.
Chelsea D. Oct 16, 2012
I've been here twice, both times on a Saturday. The first time I came, I went for someones birthday and was told I wouldn't have to pay cover because we had a table. Wrong. They let about 4 people from my group in and then sent the rest of us to another line where, surprise, we had to pay a $25 cover. Once we were in, I was overwhelmed by a crowded dance floor. People were given huge foam glow sticks, strobe lights were going off and they had the most intense fog machine - I mean, you couldn't see an inch in front of you. I was stepped on and spilled on almost all night, but despite that, I managed to have a good time. The second time, I got in without a problem. We actually had a table this time so I didn't have to pay cover. I have to say, I had a much better time because we had our own space and I didn't have to be a part of the crazy crowd. I definitely think you have to be in the mood for this place - it's loud and wild, but it's a good time if you know what to expect.
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