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Lavo When one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas opens a New York location, elite partygoers expect nothing less than the biggest, brightest, and most over-the-top venue – and that's exactly what Lavo delivers. New York United States 40.7628272 -73.9714443
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Lavo - Club | Lounge | Restaurant in New York.
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Party Earth Review When one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas opens a New York location, elite partygoers expect nothing less than the biggest, brightest, and most over-the-top venue – and that’s exactly what Lavo delivers. Throngs of in... ... read full review

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    4, 5, 6, F, N, R, W: 59th Street-Lexington Avenue

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  • Hours:

    Lounge Th–Sa 11pm–4am; Restaurant daily 11:30am–1am

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    • Day Spot
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Lavo Videos

Lavo New York
Lavo New York
Calvin Harris Live
Lavo Opening Party
Lavo Saturday Brunch
EC Twins Performance
A-Track Live
Lavo Halloween

Party Earth Lavo Review

The Scene

When one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas opens a New York location, elite partygoers expect nothing less than the biggest, brightest, and most over-the-top venue – and that's exactly what Lavo delivers.

When one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas opens a New York location, elite partygoers expect nothing less than the biggest, brightest, and most over-the-top venue – and that’s exactly what Lavo delivers.

Throngs of in-the-know partiers start lining up early for the chance to spend the night rubbing shoulders with celebrities, models, and corporate head honchos in the extravagant space, which features a rich décor of copper and brown accents.

Those who make it past the impossible door are shown into the swanky single-room disco full of well-tailored gentlemen and willowy young ladies going wild on the dance floor to the DJ’s mix of house, hip-hop, and pop.

Socialites and A-listers enjoy bottle service from the dark leather sofas around the perimeter, while the highest rollers survey the action from the elevated VIP area.

Scantily-clad performers undulate on small stages as disco balls and chandeliers throw dots of reflected color over the chic but sweaty crowd hip-shaking on the floor or clamoring around the two bars for a bit of refreshment.

If the nighttime parties don’t satisfy, fashionable patrons can check out Lavo’s restaurant on Saturday mornings, when a drunken, bass-pumping party brunch gets the scenesters dancing on tables and chairs to start the day off right.

Living up to the hype of its original location, Lavo delivers the lights, glitz, glamour, and sex appeal of a Vegas party with a touch of New York chic.

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Tip from Adriana:

Unless you’re a celebrity, be prepared to wait in line. Your best bet for getting in is to arrive before midnight and be dressed to the nines.

  • Crowd

    Celebrities, models, entertainment industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and socialites, mid-20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ spins nightly and during brunch Saturdays 1:30–5pm. Occasional celebrity guest DJs, which have included Tiësto.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Italian fare served in the restaurant, including brick oven pizza, linguine with seafood, risotto, and veal parmigiano.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $20. Appetizers $14+, entrées $24+. Beer $10+, wine $15+, cocktails $18+, bottle service $1,500/8 people.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy: designer suits and dresses, Louboutin heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday through Saturday nights for a packed crowd in the lounge, and Saturdays for brunch in the restaurant.

  • Close By

    Lavo’s upstairs restaurant is a good option for a pre-club dinner, though dining there does not guarantee entrance to the lounge.

Lavo User Reviews

Average rating:
whats not to love
Michelangelo P. Oct 7, 2013
Lavo is on the high end of things. Meaning drinks and cover charge can get pricey, but then again, you are partying with great DJs, celebrities, and some of the hottest girls around NYC. It is always worth going. Whether you are going with a friend of a group, its a type of place that people always have a great time at and I highly recommend it.
Great place!
Gor G. Jun 10, 2013
This is review number 2 for the nightclub. Lavo is as high end as it gets on the desirable scale of nightclubs in NYC. It definitely attracts nothing but marquee type talent and celebrities from all over. Starting off with the door, you should definitely know a promoter who does night here, be a big spender which means buying bottle service, be a pretty good looking guy or female, or simply buy tickets online via pre-sale but be prepared to come dressed to the nine's as it is up the doorman to let you in. Just because you bought the ticket online doesn't mean you are getting in. Also i would suggest coming early because even on the nights that don't have guest celebrity DJ's the lines are pretty long to get in for general admission so between 10-10:30 is your best bet. The drinks whether it be beer or liquor are pretty pricey plus tip so you are going to be paying at least between $10-$16 a pop for a drink but the atmosphere and what Lavo provides is well worth it. It's the true club experience, go go dancers, great music, a packed dance floor filled with beautiful people, the women in the club are gorgeous all around. The dance floor will get packed so make sure you are with a group that can solidly mark off some territory and space so you can move around also dance and have a good time. I won't bad mouth the security but ease up on people taking pics and videos, they are having a good time and want to make their friends jealous and in turn their friends who may have "deep pockets" or access to "Daddy's credit card" will show up and spend a good amount of money so they can have the same experience, every1 one wins. No need to go around yanking people's phones or yelling at them.
Sometimes You Just Need a Break From Life!
Dee S. Apr 25, 2013
Lavo restaurant and nightclub located in the upper east side is a great spot for a late night dinner, afternoon drinks, or afterhour clubbing. This all in one venue attracts the elite of New Yorks social scene. There is nothing to be complaining about at this Italian Restaurant, the food dishes are served in big portians so remember not to get carried away and order too much, because you will be pretty stuffed after appetizers. Non the less, the main courses are delicious, I highly recomend the chicken and mushroom rivolis. Business men crowd the bar for after work drinks and ladies pass their time with a couple of drinks before heading down to the nightclub. Every night is a great night at Lavo, you can't go wrong!
Party with the who's who
Nina W. Mar 29, 2013
I wish I could write a more coherent review of Lavo, but somehow every time I leave that place I’m missing my cell phone, my wallet, a shoe, my wits—you get the idea. However, I think it’s important to hear a review of one of New York’s most exclusive and chic nightclubs from the perspective of a decidedly unglamorous gal like me. First and foremost, you must know someone on the inside, unless you yourself are on the inside. Hardly anybody ever gets into Lavo on a night when it’s really worth going without working some kind of connection, so definitely find yourself some rich or famous friends before attempting to penetrate this door. Once inside, you are transported to a mecca of over-the-top drinking and dancing on banquettes with some of New York’s finest, and for a moment you can pretend you’re in the hedonistic desert of Las Vegas rather than the either extremely cold or impossibly hot concrete jungle that is NYC. If you yourself are something of a socialite and have some disposable income, buy a table and get bottle service. It’s worth it, because you’ll be at the epicenter of the fun and you won’t get exasperated looks from any of the dancers/bartenders for being poor and uncool. If, like me, you are poor and uncool, never fear—people share at Lavo. Inhibitions are generally checked at the door, so what looks like a club actually feels like an intimate house party at a really, really, amazing house. Word to the wise, though—drinks from the bar are absurdly priced. One memorable evening had me throwing down twenty dollars for a vodka cranberry in a lowball glass, which I nursed until some kind individual offered to top me off from his bottle. It’s always the key move to get one drink and then let the night go where it may at a place like Lavo. Final piece of advice: dress sharp. Most of the clientele who frequent Lavo are painfully stylish and impeccably coiffed, so don’t be caught unawares in Uggs and flared jeans. The horror! All this being said, if you can get in Lavo is worth every moment that you agonized over your outfit, every well-connected person that you furiously texted, and every dollar that you spent (maybe). In a city that cycles through hotspots before you can blink your eyes, Lavo has withstood the test of time as one of the wildest and most elegant nightclubs in NYC.
All About Atmosphere.
Nicole L. Feb 21, 2013
While one can sit here and report that no matter what night you walk into Lavo, manicured women and manscaped men fill the bar that produces well-made but overpriced drinks, it's important to note that hundreds of clubs in New York fulfill that same review. It's nothing new for a city filled with attractive lushes looking for a hot spot to laugh and drink at all hours of the night. What's more important is falling in love with a club's atmosphere because that's what determines great nightlife, and if that's what we're basing this review on, you better believe Lavo should receive all four stars. It's hard to tell if it's the constant buzz of chatter from the beautiful people sitting at the leather couches for bottle service, or the salty steam of sweat brought on by big-name DJs that rises off the dance floor that keeps club goers coming back for more. Who wants to care about drink prices when you're surrounded by celebrities, models and other good company? There's only one thing to care about and it's to make sure your drink, and your friend's drink for that matter, don't run out. The constant exciting atmosphere that flows throughout Lavo is what keeps its attendees awake until around 4 a.m. when the club finally shuts down. The best part of Lavo, in my opinion, is when you get to descend downstairs when you first arrive. For that brief moment, it feels like you've walked away from real life and into nightlife fantasy. For the next few hours, you get to hang out in a dimly lit, wood and gold-accented "underground" room at one of the hottest spots in New York City. The combination of heart pumping music from notoriously known DJs (like Kaskade, Laid Back Luke, Project 46, and more), mind altering alcohol from the bar followed by non-stop socializing and dancing with friends and strangers, will leave you happy that you left your reality somewhere for the night.
The Classiest Rave in Town
Ali M. Jan 21, 2013
If you're over twenty-one, looking to get dressed up, spend the night surrounded by beautiful people and enjoy music from some of the best DJ's then Lavo is the place for you. This night club may seem small at first glance but is split up into sections that help spread out the crowd, The large square bar in the back makes getting a drink less of a hassle and the low stage in front makes every spot in the club feel like the front row. The necessary classy attire and flashy decor add to its upscale yet fun atmosphere. Although I had a fabulous night at Lavo drinks were very pricey and the chances of gaining entry without a previously purchased ticket were very slim. The crowd also didn't pick up until after one am. All in all I would recommend Lavo to anyone looking for a fun night out in New York. It was incredible to enjoy an amazing set by Dirty South without getting pushed and worrying about people not being able to handle themselves. Purchase your tickets before you get to the door, get a spot on the main floor right behind VIP and hit a cheaper bar before hand to make your experience even better.
Love this place!
Jessica B. Dec 7, 2012
If your looking for a place to have an amazing dinner amongst beautiful people and celebrities, and then go clubbing with some of the worlds best DJ's spinning the party - THIS IS YOUR SPOT. Lavo, located on 58th & Madison, is definitely a NYC hot spot. The restaurant , which serves Italian, is supringly great. You never know what you're going to get when you eat at trendy spots like this but Lavo definitely does not fall short. You must try the meatballs! The restaurant is consistantly crowded so a reservation is recommended and even then there is a little bit of a wait for a table. Food and drinks can be pricey so be prepared. After dinner, head downstairs to the club. Be advised that even though you ate at the restaurant you're not guaranteed entry. Entry is at the doorman's discretion so definitely dress the part and make sure your not 15 guys and 0 girls rolling up to the rope. Tables are normally required so be prepared to drop some cash!
SOOO fun!
Rachel S. Dec 1, 2012
LAVO is a must when you come to New york city and you are looking to have a great fun night. Definitely come here with friends on a night out. It is a blast to go and party at. There are always celebrities there and you are with some of the finest people in New york city. THe food is great too but it is definitely pricey. The vibe is awesome and very hip. Definitely need to come well dressed to Lavo at anytime. The line is quite long which can be annoying, but it is definitely worth it. Definitely give is a try!
One Stop Shop
Risa C. Nov 19, 2012
I've been to both the restaurant and the club and have to say as far as combining a restaurant and club into one building, Lavo gets it the best in the city. For one, the dining room is always packed regardless of the day of the week, and on any given night there are bound to be at least a few celebrities and uber VIPs having dinner. The food itself is above average, but I didn't find any stand out dishes that would keep me going here over one of the city's other upscale italian restaurants - its more of a place for the ambiance than the food. The ambiance being guys in expensive tailored suits, and models drinking champagne and picking at truffle fries. That being said, the club is stellar. The decor and layout are conducive for bottle service and for those that "just wanna dance." They consistently bring in the world's top DJs and the whole place tries to keep an anything goes type of vibe - sort of like a party you would expect to see presented by the rich kids of instagram. Although the restaurant and club are pretty much kept separately (dinner doesn't mean you're automatically getting in downstairs) if you're able to get into the club its one of the best experiences you can have in the city without taking a cab from dinner to dancing.
Love the Restaurant
Chelsea D. Oct 8, 2012
Ok so, I haven't been to the club here but I had a really great experience at the restaurant. I might be biased because a friend is a manager, but we had the best meal. For an appetizer, or dinner, order the meatball (they are known for this). I am gluten-free, but I couldn't resist taking a small bite... it was AMAZING. For dessert, get the fried oreos... my friends devoured them. Overall, we were really happy with the meal and the staff were great - so helpful with recommendations and very friendly. After our meal, we decided to wait until the doors to the club opened. We had some drinks at the bar, but decided that we didn't want to wait in line any longer. I've heard it's worth it if you can get in, so maybe I'll try again sometime. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking Lavo out for a meal.
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