NYC Jazz Clubs Overview

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An international powerhouse in the jazz scene since the 1940s, New York is easily one of the best places in the country to find great jazz clubs and jazz bars.

Even with seemingly everyone owning an iPod and the radio stations awash in music made with a computer, New Yorker’s are strong supporters of smart jazz that requires listeners to think and musicians to actually know what they’re doing.

Some of the jazz clubs in New York have an incredibly storied past. The Village Vanguard was opened in 1935 and has hosted music greats over the years including everyone from John Coltrane and Miles Davis to Barbara Streisand, and remains one of the city’s most famous jazz venues, and should be on the MUST DO list of anyone in need of some New York jazz.

Although it’s not nearly as old, Blue Note has been a NYC jazz standard since 1981, drawing a savvy clientele of jazz buffs, entertainment professionals, and hip out-of-towners looking for hot tunes in a cool and classy setting. Game lovers and jazz fans, meanwhile, won’t want to miss Fat Cat, a vast subterranean club and game room offering a great mix of friendly competition and live music.

Mixed in with the throbbing clubs of the East Village and among the gritty DIY dives in Brooklyn, there are always NYC jazz clubs to catch some toe-tapping tunes in no matter which borough you find yourself.

New York jazz clubs are the center of the jazz world; practically all the greats made their names here and young up-and-comers still flock to NYC for the chance to prove themselves.

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