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Blue Note - Bar | Jazz Club | Restaurant in NYC

Clubs in New York offer some of the greatest partying in the country – maybe even the world – if only for the sheer number of them packed into this ridiculously buzzing metropolis.

Big dance clubs, intimate A-list clubs, gritty blues and jazz clubs, and certainly no shortage of twisted themed haunts help ensure this city couldn’t go to sleep even if it wanted to.

Lavish Meatpacking District nightclubs are the stuff of legend, with impenetrable lines and behemoth bouncers who are only swayed by that unforeseen golden hand that manages the guest list. Chelsea can be equally exclusive when it comes to nightlife, as can the underground hideaways in Nolita where Wall Street millionaires, trust-fund kids, and socialites reign supreme.

But like any city, New York clubs are open to almost anyone willing to play the part – and maybe grease the door guy – for the chance to buy twenty-dollar drinks and flaunt their designer duds on the dance floor. Despite all this, New York is indeed a melting pot, and there are an array of additional clubs that cater to everyone, from the hipper-than-thou set in Chinatown and the East Village to the crazy DIY clubs in Brooklyn, as well as the array of student-friendly clubs in Murray Hill and the Village around the NYU campus.

Finding a NYC club will not be difficult, though getting in might be. Leaving? Now why would you do that?

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