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Cocktail Bars in Chinatown / Nolita Overview

Mulberry Project - Lounge | Restaurant | Speakeasy in Chinatown / Nolita, NYC

The mention of a speakeasy conjures up an image of secret bars down hidden streets, which is exactly what the cocktail lounges in Chinatown and Nolita deliver. With tons of back alley bars serving up custom cocktails, this downtown area is a highlight for anyone looking for places with a cool vibe off the beaten path.

Stepping down a dark alleyway on a nearly unmarked street of Chinatown, bars like Apothéke and Mulberry Project transport customers to another time and place.  Cocktails in round bottomed martini glasses served by mixologists in button down shirts and fitted vests lets customers in these hush-hush downtown bars know that they’re being treated by professionals.

For those who like their drinks served with a bit more pizzazz, lounge cum-cocktail bars like GoldBar in Nolita serve up cocktails with a side of high heels and live DJs. If it’s the full package of dinner and drinks and a hidden downtown cocktail bar is the night’s mission, secretive eatery La Esquina serves up authentic Mexican food in a scenester restaurant hidden behind an innocuous taco stand.

Popular Chinatown / Nolita Cocktail Bars

  • * La Esquina 20s / 30s / 40s / A-list / Affluent
  • * Pravda 20s / 30s / 40s / 80s Music

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