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Clubs in Chinatown / Nolita Overview

Finale - Club in Chinatown / Nolita, NYC

Seemingly dead unless you know where you’re going, Chinatown and Nolita clubs are some of the most enticing for those with an inclination towards crazy parties behind unmarked doors. Catering to hip downtown locals on a budget as well as socialites looking for a something astray from their uptown townhouses, Chinatown and Nolita clubs are where the rich meet the artsy to come party.

International underground DJs are booked at clubs like Santos Party House, which is geared towards designer dress and collared shirt-averse music fans. With nothing more than a queue in front of unmarked metal doors, patrons may not know what they’re getting themselves into until they step inside and join the sweat-covered ravers gyrating to heavy beats under strobe lights.

Located on seemingly dead blocks, the fashionable music crowd may slip in their designer threads, between furniture and lighting stores to see some of the world’s best DJs perform at Finale. Simultaneously, Manhattan’s fashionistas and artfully eccentric trendsters meet up at exclusive Nolita and Chinatown club-lounges like GoldBar and Southside to dance the night away surrounded by the rich and creative. 

When it comes to Chinatown and Nolita clubs it’s not so much about who you know but if you know where to party.

Popular Chinatown / Nolita Clubs

  • * Finale 20s / 30s / Clubwear
  • * Southside 20s / 30s / 80s Music / Artists

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