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Finale - Club in Chinatown / Nolita, NYC

Found mostly on shadowy side streets with little to no markings, bars in the Chinatown / Nolita area are wonderful places to take a load off and soak up some of New York’s clandestine underground vibe.

Your average Chinatown / Nolita bars are smaller cocktail lounges and dives sprouting off of the Lower East Side. Places like Sweet Paradise offer small, intimate settings in which in-the-know locals and pre-gaming party girls congregate to sip a beer or two and do some good-natured flirting. Unlike the divey atmosphere that many of the Lower East Side’s most popular gin joints furnish, these bars go for a sleeker, more polished aesthetic and attitude.

But not all of the bars in Chinatown / Nolita are tiny and quiet. For example, Apothéke, an unmarked den of mixology found off a Chinatown alleyway, takes on the speakeasy-ish guise of an alcoholic druggist, serving well-dressed downtown club-hoppers drinks done up as “mood enhancers” and “tranquilizers” conducive to creating an illicitly sexy ambiance for the attractive patrons.

Though not the boisterous party hubs as in other neighborhoods – in some of these places, people might actually be able to hear each other talk – the bars of Chinatown / Nolita provide a cool, untraditional experience.

Popular Chinatown / Nolita Bars

  • * GoldBar 20s / Affluent / Affluent Hipsters
  • * La Esquina 20s / 30s / 40s / A-list / Affluent
  • * Pravda 20s / 30s / 40s / 80s Music

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