NYC Cafés Overview

The Boat Basin Café - Bar | Café | Outdoor Restaurant in NYC

Cafés in New York typically refer to small, casual eateries that are not usually as formal as a traditional sit down restaurant, but that doesn’t cover all of them.

Some cafés offer table service, while others offer more of a take-out style of dining. In the past few years, New York cafés have become quite trendy, mirroring the European style of eating outdoors and watching the world go by.

Any day in NYC, you can feed the corporate giants at Starbucks or the starving artists at some hole-in-the wall in Hell’s Kitchen. Or maybe you’d like to chill at one of the many park cafés, museum cafés, or maybe check your internet at an aptly-named internet café. No problem. Whatever your preference, you can find NYC cafés in every neighborhood of the city from the Upper West Side all the way down to the Financial District and well into all the other boroughs of the city.

Whether it’s a casual Brooklyn brunch café, a pricey café in the Meatpacking District, a Parisian style sidewalk joint, or an overpriced tourist spot in Times Square, New York has plenty of cafés for you. Sit down and get to know that poet in the corner. Yeah, he still lives with his mom. So what?

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