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Music Venues in Prospect Heights Overview

Brooklyn Academy of Music - Harvey Theater - Concert Venue in Prospect Heights, NYC

While the neighborhood is not usually considered a hub of live tunes, Prospect Heights music venues are interesting, cultured places where fans of all genres can gather and rock out to their heart’s content.

The average music venue in Prospect Heights is a bit on the small side, and these night spots are usually nice, laid-back bars with a stage against one wall. The setup provides a chill atmosphere that encourages groups of post-hipster musicians and relaxed blue-collar locals to stop in for a few drinks and take in some culture they might not otherwise have been exposed to.

Odd birds like the nerd-friendly Way Station and the southern-fried Branded Saloon are perfect examples of this diversity. At these Prospect Heights venues, small groups of musicians playing folk, country, klezmir, indie rock, and old-timey blues gather together and soothe the souls of local couples and rowdy groups of cultured partiers. These places rarely get truly raucous, but the intimate settings are conducive to intimate friendships, and fans are encouraged to keep the shows going on late into the night.

Though the area is still developing, Prospect Heights has some great music venues that are prime examples of how the neighborhood’s specific brand of fun and friendliness will make it one of the city’s most loved places to hang out.

Popular Prospect Heights Music Venues

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