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Brooklyn Academy of Music - Harvey Theater - Concert Venue in Prospect Heights, NYC

Though the neighborhood borders sometimes-dodgy Bed-Stuy, Prospect Heights bars are a fantastic and often funky way to enjoy an evening. Just far enough off of the Atlantic Terminal to do its own thing, this Brooklyn hood breeds beautiful watering holes.

For those looking for a traditional drinking session, the bars along Flatbush and Vanderbilt, such as Sharlene’s and Soda Bar, are shadowy dens of iniquity where laid-back hipsters and resident tattooed moms sip Miller High Life. The general vibe is relaxed, with a hint of predatory sexiness.

Up on Washington Street, things get weirder. Among bars in Prospect Heights, the Way Station has earned its legendary status with its steampunk décor and TARDIS bathroom. Here, good-natured, vintage-clad nerds can quaff whiskey over old-timey music. Across the street, the Minor Arcana brings out blue-collar artists ready to slug brewskis at the diorama-filled bar as they nod along to the soul and punk played by the wild and dishy bartenders.

While it’s a little out of the way for Brooklyn visitors who don’t venture out of Williamsburg, Prospect Heights has a lot to offer, and will surely be one of the most loved and trodden NYC neighborhoods in no time.

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