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House Of Vans - Music Venue | Concert Venue | Event Space in Greenpoint, NYC

Though the neighborhood’s location can make reaching them a pain in the neck, Greenpoint bars are some of Brooklyn’s finest. Like a rare species flourishing away from civilization, these fantastic hangouts are just far enough off the grid to thrive in their own special ways.

Bars in Greenpoint are varied in their themes and vibes. The Mark Bar, for instance, is a pretty typical laid-back dive with a wooden bar and surly but fun bartenders, while a few blocks away, Saint Vitus is decorated all in black and showcases the sludgiest, most brutal underground metal in the city. Europa swings oddly between Polish dance club and concert venue on any given night, while Warsaw maintains a gritty down-to-earth event space atmosphere.

The crowds, however, have an underlying current of "hipster" at all times. Beards, skinny jeans, and bikes are the typical accessories for men, while vintage dresses, leather jackets, and tattoos are musts for most women. These chic, young arty types sip PBRs and analyze the latest blog gossip between cheering wildly for their favorite band or throwing down on rounds of Polish liquor (the neighborhood is heavily Polski).

Full of personality and fun, Greenpoint bars keep Brooklyn fresh – even if, both atmospherically and geographically, they’re a bit out there.

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