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Dive Bars in Bushwick Overview

Given the ragtag nature of the neighborhood in general, it’s unsurprising that Bushwick dive bars are plentiful and provide tons of fun. These dark dens of drinking are perfect for those partiers looking for a night lacking pretense but heavy on fun.

Most of the dive bars in Bushwick are single-room affairs, sometimes with a backyard, such as King’s County and the Second Chance Saloon. Here, raucous rockers and laid-back hipster girls trade jokes and scene gossip over bottles of Bud and the occasional tequila shot. The vibe is slightly edgy – the bartenders might give you a dig in the ribs or two – but having a good time is always priority number one.

For bigger or classier groups, some larger dives like the Pine Box Rock Shop or the Anchored Inn are slightly more stylized, with dark wood interiors and a plethora of beers on tap. At these places, creative professionals and tattooed girlfriends laugh around tables, sip cocktails, and nibble on some delicious bar food. While these places can get a bit loud and silly as the night wears on, it’s all part of the atmosphere.

While a little out of the way for your average tourist, Bushwick dives wear their hearts on their sleeves and urge their patrons to do the same.

Popular Bushwick Dive Bars

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