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Bars in Bushwick Overview

With the neighborhood having only recently been deemed a visitor-friendly area of Brooklyn, Bushwick bars are popping up all over the place. These chill cutting-edge drinking dens are the perfect place for the counterculture purist to sip a cocktail and forget their worries.

The most traditional bars in Bushwick are dives, with somewhat grody but always cozy joints like King’s County, the Second Chance Saloon, and the comic-themed Gotham City Lounge taking the lead. Here, tattooed post-hipsters and chill neighborhood blue collar girls pound shots and slug beers while cranking hard rock on the jukebox and cackling the night away.

However, many newer places in Bushwick have begun using the dive bar as its launch pad and moving on up. The Pine Box Rock Shop’s spacious interior suggests grime, but its sociable crowds and excellent selection say otherwise. Meanwhile, the Anchored Inn, a nautically-themed hangout that primarily serves headbangers from the nearby Acheron, is actually incredibly clean, and serves some of the best bar food in town to misanthropic-looking but often well-spoken rockers and metalheads.

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