NYC Whiskey Bars Overview

Idle Hands - Whiskey Bar in NYC

Everyone knows you can find anything in New York, and that includes plenty of whiskey bars where connoisseurs can find their favorite obscure throat burners. New York whiskey bars house some of the world’s rarest brown bottles, as well as tried-and-true spirits that have warmed hearts and bellies for ages.

Plenty of the city’s hangouts boast great whiskey selections, but as far as whiskey bars in New York go, Noorman’s Kil in Williamsburg is hands-down one of the best, slinging not only some of the finest and rarest whiskeys in the city but also serving a selection of artisanal grilled cheeses to boot. The Whiskey Ward on the Lower East Side has a more traditional Southern gothic vibe, its menu overflowing with classic bourbons, single malt scotches, and rare unfiltered batches that go well with its wooden interior and barrel tables. For a smoky downtown vibe, Vintry Wine & Whiskey’s earthy ambiance goes well with its extensive whiskey selection, drawing crowds enamored of the bar’s laid-back vibe but willing to pay a little extra for an especially tasty finger of whiskey.

Unlearned drinkers shouldn’t be intimidated, since there’s plenty of Jack Daniels and Maker’s Mark to be had at any of these places. But for driven drinkers especially, NYC whiskey bars are treasure troves of potable pleasure, to be sipped, sniffed, and shot at their pleasure.

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