NYC Vodka Bars Overview

The Russian Tea Room - Historic Restaurant | Vodka Bar | Tea House in NYC

To a certain extent, all bars in the Big Apple are New York vodka bars. The city’s love of dancing, drinking, and club culture mean that the crystal liquor is always flowing, whether it’s in martinis or screwdrivers. However, one or two places to make this odorless quaff their specialized focus.

Overall, vodka bars in New York come in one flavor: Russian. Bars and restaurants like Russian Samovar and the Russian Tea Room offer naturally-infused vodka of all flavors from peach to garlic, with beer and food pairings to make each type’s nuances stand out for the drinker's palate. Russian immigrants and suave business professionals laugh over shots, trying to pronounce the Cyrillic alphabet with varied results.

It should be noted that these Russki vodka bars can be a little intimidating, maybe even slightly mobbed-out, for your average tourist or day-drinker, but that’s what Brooklyn is known for. In neighborhoods like Park Slope and Prospect Heights, specialty bars pride themselves on their fine selections of rare liquor and vodka, so for those not wanting the brusqueness of first-gen Russians, these 'hoods are probably the better choice.

While few and far between, NYC vodka bars are definitely worth a visit, if only to see how much can be done with a generally flavorless beverage.

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