The Standard Biergarten

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The Standard Biergarten An unexpected outdoor oasis in the midst of the Meatpacking District, the Standard Biergarten – located on the street level of the trendy Standard Hotel and directly under The High Line – plays host to a sociable clientele... New York United States 40.740667 -74.007828
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The Standard Biergarten - Beer Garden | Outdoor Bar in New York.
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Party Earth Review An unexpected outdoor oasis in the midst of the Meatpacking District, The Standard Biergarten – located on the street level of the trendy Standard Hotel and directly under The High Line – plays host to a... ... read full review

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    A, C, E, L: 14th Street-8th Avenue

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    M–W 4pm–midnight, Th–Su 2pm–midnight

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth The Standard Biergarten Review

The Scene

An unexpected outdoor oasis in the midst of the Meatpacking District, the Standard Biergarten – located on the street level of the trendy Standard Hotel and directly under The High Line – plays host to a sociable clientele...

An unexpected outdoor oasis in the midst of the Meatpacking District, The Standard Biergarten – located on the street level of the trendy Standard Hotel and directly under The High Line – plays host to a sociable clientele of young business people, college students, tourists, and fashionistas just off a day of shopping, all looking for a relaxed place to grab a beer, chat with old friends, and hopefully meet new ones.

After navigating the slightly inconvenient process of purchasing tickets to be exchanged for pretzels, sausages, and a selection of golden, wheat, and dark German beers on tap, patrons enter an open brick-walled space filled with picnic tables and benches, where groups gather for relaxed conversation as a staff dressed in amusing T-shirts with iron-on dirndls serves rounds of beer.

The communal tables add to the room’s festive vibe and make mingling and flirting that much easier, while two free ping pong tables provide a great ice breaker for meeting other trendy but laid-back neighborhood regulars and upscale hotel guests.

Although the place gets packed wall to wall and the noise level can rise considerably once an afternoon or evening of serious beer drinking gets fully underway, the vibe remains more playful and carefree rather than rowdy, which – combined with the outgoing crowd, open-air space, and casual atmosphere – makes The Standard Biergarten a solid, upbeat hangout for those looking to while away the hours over a favorite brew.

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Tip from Lucas:

If you get the chance, try to get a game on one of the ping pong tables. A little friendly competition is a great way to meet girls!

  • Crowd

    Trendy young urban professionals, students, and tourists, 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Free use of two ping pong tables.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Selection of grilled wursts and salted pretzels. Heat lamps provided in colder weather.

  • Prices

    Wursts $8, pretzels $8. Beer $8, wine $13+, cocktails $12+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: sundresses, flip-flops, fedoras, jeans, T-shirts, button-downs, loosened ties.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Warm days and nights from late spring until early fall. Thursdays for a busy but not overcrowded scene, weekend afternoons, or any day after work.

  • Close By

    The High Line, an elevated park just above the bar, is a good place for a stroll to work up that appetite for beer and pretzels.

The Standard Biergarten User Reviews

Average rating:
For Whatever the Occasion is...
Erin H. Oct 30, 2013
Whether you’re in the meat packing district for a bite to eat or to hang out casually with a group of friends, The Standard Biergarten is a perfect location for both occasions during the afternoon or for a late night getaway. This unique bar and restaurant is located directly under one of New York Cities newest attraction, the High Line which makes The Standard a definite buzzing, immersive atmosphere. Upon entering, tickets are sold at the front entrance, which can be used to pay for beers and food, while cocktails and wines may be paid separately. Whatever the occasion is, The Standard Biergarten is a sociable environment provided with pool tables, food and drinks that definitely should be checked out if you’re in the area!
Biergarten or Beer Garden?.. I'll never know
Andrew N. Aug 12, 2013
If you and your 17 guy friends were just denied access to every "hot spot" in the Meatpacking district, then The Standard Biergarten might be your best bet. Although there's no music played inside, the place maintains a very upbeat vibe. The crowd is relatively normal (about 55% attractive) with your standard rate of 10-15% freaks. When you're about to enter the place, the bouncer will urge you to purchase beer tickets... However, if you're not craving beer, then just walk right past the bouncer and purchase drinks straight from the bar. The place is pretty spacious even when it gets crowded, a definite bonus for larger groups. I wouldn't advise rolling in solo unless you want to spend a good hour or so dishing out fake texts (Don't lie, you know you've done it). I definitely urge you to check this spot out. I've yet to meet someone who has truly disliked the beer garden/biergarten.
Kristen E. Mar 12, 2013
Oktoberfest in Germany is about authentic as any beer garden can get, but The Standard Biergarten holds its own NYC. From the trademark benches to the steins of beer, my experience here was strikingly similar to the real deal one i had in Munich. A great escape for a casual night out, The Standard Biergarten offers a welcoming environment where you can't help but cheers your glass to. Ticket stubs are exchanged for beer instead of the usual flow of a cash bar, making it much easier for patrons like myself who'd rather focus on the good times to be had instead of tracking the money in their wallet! Even if you like the theme but aren't a fan of the classic beer, liquor is sold as well. It is ideal for a summer night, but you can also enjoy it during the winter, as there are heating lamps spread throughout the room that provide more than enough comfort. Friendly competition at the ping pong tables offers a different spin on meeting new people and the space provides an intimate atmosphere with enough room to still have your own air (unlike many NYC spaces)! If you're looking for an easy night out, The Standard Biergarten is definitely worth a go!
A bunch of FUN!
Katie G. Dec 12, 2012
In the summer time, this place is PACKED! We went here and had such a great time! Great people and great drinks! I would DEFINITELY come back here! It's a little hard to get to by car since I don't live in the city, but it's worth a stop!
Come one, come all!
Nicole H. Dec 9, 2012
I always have a great time at the Standard Biergarten. It's great for a casual Sunday date or with a group of friends. It's not always packed, but it definitely can be in the summertime. I've also only been in the afternoon. Seems more apropos during daylight hours. I agree that having to buy tickets for beer is a bit annoying, but it's not the worst offense. I should also mention that I'm not a beer drinker, but for some reason this place puts me in the mood to have a glass. I always find my way to the ping pong table for a friendly match. I also like to stop by the photo booth downstairs, by the bathrooms. The biergarten is also a great place to bring friends from out of town. It feels like a locals joint and it's a relaxed environment. After the biergarten, walk up the highline and enjoy the afternoon.
Fancy Fratitude
Risa C. Dec 6, 2012
It's a Standard establishment, so as you would expect it's a beer garden but with a bit of an upscale twist. The crowd varies throughout the day, but at any given time there will be a mix of trendy 20 and 30 somethings relaxing at the tables drinking beers or playing ping pong in the back. Its a good place to go with a group of friends and can even double as sort of a hook up bar since a) everyone's fairly young and attractive and b) you're in a hotel. My only gripe about this place is the stupid ticket system where you have to buy tickets and then exchange them for the beer. Kind of seems pointless, but if you want to avoid it you can always drink liquor.
Lively German Bar in the Meatpacking District
Kirsten H. Dec 2, 2012
The Biergarten is located in the heart of the Meatpacking District at the trendy Standard Hotel. Great place to go with a group of friends. In order to get food or drinks, you have to purchase tickets at the front booth. In addition to a full bar, their are plenty of delicious beer on tap, sausages, pretzels, and ping pong tables located in the back. Fun atmosphere filled with trendy twenty somethings starting their night out. I definitely recommend this bar to anyone looking for a low key night or looking for a fun place to start your evening.
Günter glieben glauchen globen
Jaclyn W. Nov 5, 2012
Beer Garden in Meatpacking? I feel like that's an oxymoron. I'm no beer aficionado, but if you want a true Beer Garden, then venture out to Astoria. This place is always packed and not in a good way. The crowd is a mixture of lost tourists and Manhattan overflow that couldn't get into a better scene that night. Go with a group if you want to have a good time. You MUST order beer here. The spirit drinks are sub-par. The only upside, in my opinion, are the beer pong tables.
Alicia B. Nov 3, 2012
This is one of my favorite spots to bring people in NY. First, it's in a great location, on that quirky block of the Meatpacking District with the creepy giant clown sculpture. Go there on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night and you'll have to get get finally get your drink...AND to find a place to sit if you're not into hovering over someone else's table. I'm not a beer connoisseur, which is probably why I like it. They only have three beers on tap-- too hoppy, too light, just right. It's really more about the "scene" and the experience, to be honest. The beer in funky glasses is just a bonus. This is literally one of my top three places to go when you really care about showing someone a guaranteed good time. Oh, and the pretzels are bomb.
It's Octoberfest in NYC Year round!
Jimmy D. Oct 7, 2012
Great beer, pretzels, and communal tables that enhance the "camaraderie". Can't recommend this spot enough if you are downtown, in the meat packing district or Highline. One of the better outdoor beer gardens in the city. Especially in October!
Ping pongers unite
Samantha L. Oct 7, 2012
Fun, airy, outdoor spot to meet up with others and have a beer or two. The pretzels are huge but you'll definitely need to shake some of the salt off. If you can get a seat at one of the benches take it - the taller tables by the ping pong area ensure you'll be playing ball girl/boy for hours (or just smacked in the face several times). Head inside through The Standard to get to the bathroom but be advised no signs differentiate men or women - left women, right men.
Great place to meet up with a group of friends
Nick G. Sep 13, 2012
The Biergarten at the Standard Hotel is a great place to meet up with a group of friends, especially on a summer afternoon or evening. The space is pretty big and open, and it sits beneath the Highline so there is plenty of shade. As you would expect of a Biergarten, the space is filled with long picnic tables perfect for a big group of friends. They have plenty of good German beers on tap (served by the half-liter) and awesome Bavarian-style pretzels. The bars don’t take cash or cards - everything is paid for by tickets, which you buy from a booth near the entrance. It’s kind of a pain if there’s a long line at the ticket booth and annoying that you can’t run a tab at the bar either. Not surprising for this neighborhood, the vibe is definitely more sceney than your typical beer garden – not a place to show up in an old t-shirt, baggy jeans and running shoes.
Delicious German Brews and Great Atmosphere
Daniel H. Aug 15, 2012
Came here for the first time while visiting some friends in Manhattan and had a great time. It's open, which is really refreshing on a warm summer night, and the vibes are friendly as everyone just seems to be having a good time. Unlike most places in the Meatpacking district, the sheer size of the Biergarten means that you can show up at midnight like we did and not have to wait in line (the same cannot be said about the Standard's rooftop club, Le Baron). Drinks were a little expensive, but considering you were paying for .5L instead of the usual .333L pint, the $8 mugs actually aren't much more than any other bar...not to mention much more delicious. It's a really fun destination for the summer, or for an open space to have a few beers before going out to some of the trendier locales in the area. Oh, and they also serve cocktails here too, so don't be scared off if you don't like beer.
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