The Jane Ballroom

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The Jane Ballroom "The decadent Jane Ballroom is back in business, albeit a bit quieter._x000D_ New York United States 40.7381844 -74.0094595
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The Jane Ballroom - Cocktail Bar | Hotel Bar in New York.
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Party Earth Review The decadent Jane Ballroom is back in business, albeit a bit quieter. Wealthy style seekers and hip socialites who pass through the palatial door will find themselves in an opulent high-ceilinged room full of tufted velvet... ... read full review

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    A, C, E, L: 14th Street-8th Avenue

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  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–4am; check with venue for private events

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Jane Ballroom Review

The Scene

"The decadent Jane Ballroom is back in business, albeit a bit quieter._x000D_

The decadent Jane Ballroom is back in business, albeit a bit quieter.

Wealthy style seekers and hip socialites who pass through the palatial door will find themselves in an opulent high-ceilinged room full of tufted velvet couches and wing chairs arranged to create a series of salon areas.

Persian rugs and Edwardian chandeliers add to the luxurious ambiance – tempered by amusing touches like taxidermy and an out-of-place disco ball – as does the chic clientele of entertainment types and beautiful women draped over zebra-striped club chairs or posing by the fireplace.

Swanky locals and in-the-know hotel guests often congregate by the intimate, dimly-lit bar, while patrons who want a more private experience can make their way to the balcony parlor, which offers more plush seating and a stellar view of the action below.

Although the sophisticated décor and comfy vibe still draw a “who’s who” clientele – and a DJ spinning danceable music does get some patrons on their feet – noise constraints have made Jane’s all-night dance parties a thing of the past. Nonetheless, fashionable clubbers willing to brave the difficult door will find a stylish place to begin or end an upscale evening.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you’re looking forward to staying out all night, it’s probably best to avoid going on a Thursday, the former big party night that got the ballroom shut down for a while. To make peace with the neighbors, on Thursdays, the place often closes before midnight.

  • Crowd

    Fashionable and sophisticated downtowners, affluent hipsters, socialites, entertainment industry types, and swanky hotel guests, mid-20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin dance tunes including hip-hop, house, 80s, and disco.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Café Gitane located in the hotel offers a Moroccan menu available at the bar.

  • Prices

    Menu $8–$12. Beer $7+, wine $8+, cocktails $8–$12, mixed drinks $11, shots $11+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Sophisticated chic: Anna Wintour protégés wearing hip and trendy dresses or jeans and heels from Elise Overland and Catherine Malandrino, button-downs with jeans or slacks like Rag & Bone for men.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Tuesdays for a solid, well-heeled pre-club crowd, and late night Fridays and Saturdays for the post-club crowd.

  • Close By

    Le Bain (848 Washington Street) at the Standard Hotel offers night swimming, great skyline views, and two floors of debauchery.

The Jane Ballroom User Reviews

Average rating:
Sip trendy cocktails in Cary Grant's Crypt
Nina W. Mar 29, 2013
The Jane Ballroom lives up to its hype in every way, every time I go there. When you enter the Jane you have Café Gitane on your left, which serves a variety of Moroccan food and sandwiches, and the Jane Ballroom on your right. Café Gitane has a lovely, well-priced menu and if you want to gear up for the ballroom it’s not a stupid idea to enjoy some petits plats and kicky cocktails at Gitane beforehand. The ballroom is plushly decorated in a way that makes you feel like the ghosts of Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, and Ava Gardner may be haunting the walls. On any given night you could be walking into a soundtrack of well-known, classic rock beats or some serious boomtown dance music. Whatever it is, it’s usually a welcome and pleasant surprise. At the Jane, you get to rub shoulders with New York’s hipster elite and have serious, loud conversations over the music about fashion/design/music/literature, or anything that makes you sound cool and in-the-know. There are couches on which to luxuriate as you experience the Jane, and the cocktails are To. Die. For. The ballroom is pretty big, with an upstairs balcony, a long hallway/bar area, and a grand lounge, so even when it’s crowded you’ll never find yourself short of breath, like in some smaller venues. While the Jane is notorious for throwing wild and exciting dance parties, I have heard they had to tone these events down considerably, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to rave your face off and forget your name. No, the Jane is much nicer for sipping on a hibiscus-infused cocktail, lounging amidst the opulent décor, and hobnobbing with a young and distinctly New York crowd. In this way, I would suggest getting there early (by going out standards)—around 11 o’clock. That way, you’ll also have a fighting chance of getting past the doorman, who wields his clipboard with austere authority. Bottom line, the Jane rules—great music, great drinks, interesting people, and unbeatable ambiance.
Forget the snobbery and you're guaranteed a good time.
Natasha B. Mar 29, 2013
The Jane and the people at the Jane undoubtedly think pretty highly of themselves, so if you're looking for a scene-y place, this is definitely it. Despite some of the snobbery, once you're inside, the Jane is always a good time. The DJ spins a mix of top 40, old school hip hop, and some serious oldies. The crowd is good looking, including some socialites and celebrities, but in typical New York fashion, no one makes a big deal out of it. Another draw to the Jane is it brings in an international crowd too, so if you're looking to pick up a guy (or girl) with an accent, you're bound to find success here. One drawback is that the party really gets going later in the night, but if you want to better guarantee getting let in, you've gotta go early.
Has Been? Or Could Be?
Juliet T. Feb 28, 2013
The Jane is chic. I will give it that. But don’t let the inviting fireplace, winged chairs, and witty tchotchkes fool you, err on the side of caution if you want to relax. The Jane was once considered the chicest place to go for drinks and late night chatter with the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson visiting with frequency. Now it appears that any old socialite can get into The Jane but there will be some eye rolling. Ironically I don’t feel comfortable at The Jane unless I’m in sky-high heels and something directly off the runway; however, the ambiance gives the place a little more of a sufferable attitude. There is no end to the drinks and young 20-somethings fresh out of work enjoy showing off their cash flow by offering their friends bottle service. The point? Don’t attend if you’re looking for old school elegance and New York refinement; however, it can be fun to peer around at the up-and-coming New York social scene while enjoying a relatively inexpensive cocktail and some good music. The Jane is never short of entertaining on an otherwise blasé New York evening.
The JANE.. let's call it The Clue Mansion
Gaby B. Feb 14, 2013
The Jane, is like being in the Clue Mansion. Its got a burning fireplace, a cozy atmosphere and sophisticated people. When you enter the lounge, or house, or giant room, its easy on the eyes. The place is filled with hot bartenders, cute bouncers and a lot of people to dance with. The music scene is fun and current but it's also filled with frat boys trying to get drunk and hook up with anything that moves. The Jane has 2 bars, which makes it easier to get drink, but it gets crowded very quickly. I noticed that people come in dressed like their going to dinner, not so much clubbing. Regardless of the attire, you'll still have a fun time if you have an open mind.
Trendy Bar in the Meatpacking District
Kirsten H. Dec 2, 2012
The Jane Ballroom, located in the The Jane Hotel, is trendy bar located in the heart of the meatpacking district. The bar was created out of an old auditorium, and has two levels with multiple bars. The Jane Ballroom looks like you just walked into an old mansion; all the furniture is Victorian style and boasts a cozy fireplace. The DJ spins everything from classic rock and 80s to electronic and hip hop. Most of the bar patrons are in their twenties and is definitely a hot spot for celebrities. As long as your girl to guy ratio is good, you can get in.
Persian Rugs + Disco Ball + Taxidermy = The Jane
Cera C. Dec 2, 2012
If you enjoy frolicking around meatpacking with your longhair-dont-care attitude, then the Jane is where you probably already hang out. A fun, laid back place with a nonchalant vibe, curated with trendy pretty girls and your neighborhood hipsters and banker boys alike -- you're sure to find your niche. A great place to come before the Standard, which is right down the street!
Hipster Hunting Lodge
Risa C. Nov 19, 2012
If you're a girl and your look is a high ballerina bun and an oversized top paired with red lipstick - this is your place. If you're a guy and you like plaid shirts, skinny jeans, lense-less thick framed glasses and a few days scruff on your face - this is your place (even when it's not no-shave November) The DJ plays a mix of 80's, indie, pop, etc and if you're lucky enough to grab a table early on in the night, it's a great place to relax with friends while sipping on their specialty cocktails. Not to mention if you get bored of people (hipster) watching, the hunting lodge meets disco decor gives you something fun to look at until your next bout of dancing.
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