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The Frying Pan Located on the Hudson River waterfront at Pier 66, The Frying Pan and the adjacent Lackawanna Barge are two old vessels transformed into a unique seasonal hotspot that attracts swarms of fashionably casual and outgoing young... New York United States 40.7518833 -74.0077596
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The Frying Pan - Bar | Outdoor Activity | Restaurant in New York.
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Party Earth Review Located on the Hudson River waterfront at Pier 66, The Frying Pan and the adjacent Lackawanna Barge are two old vessels transformed into a unique seasonal hotspot that attracts swarms of fashionably casual and outgoing... ... read full review

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    C, E: 23rd Street-8th Avenue

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    M–W 11am–midnight, Th 11am–12:30am, F–Sa 11am–1am, Su 11am–11pm (May 1–October 1, weather permitting)

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Party Earth The Frying Pan Review

The Scene

Located on the Hudson River waterfront at Pier 66, The Frying Pan and the adjacent Lackawanna Barge are two old vessels transformed into a unique seasonal hotspot that attracts swarms of fashionably casual and outgoing young...

Located on the Hudson River waterfront at Pier 66, The Frying Pan and the adjacent Lackawanna Barge are two old vessels transformed into a unique seasonal hotspot that attracts swarms of fashionably casual and outgoing young professionals ready to party in the open air.

Fitted out with a bar and grill, Lackawanna teems with a festive after-work crowd that packs in elbow to elbow to flirt and socialize around two centrally located cabanas, one of which serves as a full bar and food-ordering station and the other as the kitchen and meal pick-up window.

A large, partially covered space in the center of the barge contains a smaller bar, a stage framed with Havana-style windows and palms, and scattered cocktail tables where chatty groups share buckets of beer.

The barge also acts as home port to the 1929 Frying Pan, an historic former lightship-turned-shipwreck that was salvaged from the deep to become one of the city’s most unusual venues.

The top level offers deck chairs, cocktail tables, and a terrific view of the sunset, but both history buffs and party-seekers will want to check out the action below deck, where an eerie labyrinth of narrow corridors leads tipsy young urbanites through sleeping quarters, a transmitter room, and other rusty chambers featuring original items still intact, though a bit barnacle encrusted.

Even further down, drink-sipping mates will reach the musty open belly of the ship, where a DJ draws in swarms of partiers ready to dance.

Undoubtedly the most popular floating landmark in town, The Frying Pan often gets packed early and stays that way until closing.

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Tip from Emma:

The partial covering toward the back of the Lackawanna Barge supports a narrow cocktail deck with spectacular views of the Hudson. Take one of the twisting staircases up and get ready for some beautiful photo ops!

  • Crowd

    Flirty young professionals and the single set at night, groups and occasional tourists during the day, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    A DJ spins every night from 10pm in the bottom deck of the Frying Pan. Live music a few times a week on the Lackawanna Barge.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    The Frying Pan serves lunch M–F noon–5pm, dinner M–F 5–10pm and Sa–Su noon–10pm, and “quickfire” 10pm–midnight on cool-weather days in the early and late season. Menus feature burgers, sandwiches, crab cakes, and New England comfort foods.

  • Prices

    Appetizers and small plates $7–$15, sandwiches $8–$10, entrées $9–$18. Beer $5–$8, bucket of six Coronas $35, wine $8, cocktails $8+, sangria $37/pitcher.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual during the day: jeans, khakis, summer dresses. Dressier at night, especially Fridays and Saturdays: button-downs, jeans and heels, stylish dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for a crowded party vibe, sunny weekday afternoons for a leisurely lunch, or any day of the week for the sunset.

  • Close By

    Hudson River Community Sailing (Pier 66) is right next door and offers great boat tours of the river – a nice escape before a night of partying on The Frying Pan.

The Frying Pan User Reviews

Average rating:
Out of the Fire
Kristin K. Mar 31, 2013
Way off the beaten Midtown path, there is no chance to stumble across The Frying Pan unless you are literally going up the Hudson River. With just an over-sized frying pan mounted on the boardwalk out front, to the untrained eye it's something of a mystery and, at best, just another fancy boat docked by the ritzy Chelsea Piers. To those who know about it, this old maritime boat that serves as a restaurant and bar hotspot instantly becomes a favorite place and repeat offender. With it's growing popularity and limited seasonal openings, you should always remember your ID and get there early. There are two boats connected to one another, double levels and a deceitfully long deck, but it can be no match for the crowds on a summer afternoon, so you may need to be prepared to wait awhile out front before getting in. This is generally less of a punishment than it sounds, given the sweeping views of Jersey and the riverside breeze. Once in, there is a full bar and cooling sangria concoctions, as well as a bar and grill, which is great considering it's a bit of a walk from any other food locations. The ambiance is casual, but it's a friendly place to mix with everyone else around, and the water and river tend to keep everyone entertained with the novelty, which hasn't seemed to wear since it's opening at Pier 66 in 1989.
Fun Summer Hangout
Katherine J. Jan 7, 2013
The Frying Pan is a really fun place to spend a summer afternoon (and evening if you don't feel like walking anywhere else). You can soak up the sun, hang out with friends, and have some decent food and good drinks. It can be a bit crowded, but it is part of the atmosphere. The staff is really nice and accommodating, although if it gets really busy plan orders in advance or just order the bucket of Coronas to keep your beer supply going. Watch out for sunburns!
Cool outdoor Venue
Justin W. Dec 11, 2012
buckets of beers and plastic furniture on a warm day on an old ship, don't need to say much more. A great place to go and always crowded on a warm summer day before stumbling elswhere.
Katie G. Dec 9, 2012
Always a place to go with my friends and I! The place is hysterical and has the best fries (and drinks too!). On a nice day, this is definitely a place I would like to return to with a group of friends!
Cool venue, inconvenient location
Mark S. Dec 8, 2012
The Frying Pan is a bar with some finger food located on a boat / barge off the coast on the west side of Manhattan. The place itself is pretty cool, with large open spaces, and a small second floor. It has great views of Manhattan and New Jersey (but who cares, right?). There are some significant downsides. It's in a pretty inconvenient location, as the only thing really closeby is chelsea piers. The walk from the subway is a bit brutal. It is only open when the weather is warm, and is not open very late. Its pretty cool, not expensive, but out of the way.
Fourth of July, baby!
Chris K. Nov 26, 2012
If you see a Living Social or Gilt coupon for the Fourth of July Open Bar at the Frying Pan, for God's sake TAKE IT. This creepy old barge floating out on the Hudson is the perfect place to guzzle tons of free beer and watch the fireworks explode in 3D as the sun goes down. Mix in the hordes of attractive young go-getters, the delicious appetizers floating around the lower restaurant area, and the dusty bowels of the ship in which one can get lost (if one has the stones to sneak in and a take a seat in the captain's room), and you've got yourself an awesome summertime spot that's perfect for hanging with friends, soaking up booze, and enjoying the musty New York night air. I had a lovely time.
Come Sail Away
Jaclyn W. Nov 13, 2012
Ah do you feel that summer breeze? Just thinking of the frying pan puts a wide grin on my face as a day dream about corona buckets and warm Hudson River breezes. Docked off the Westside Highway is a little boat called, The Frying Pan. There are two levels to this gem of a bar and they also serve food. Patio tables line the deck as patrons flock to sea and order everything from beer to shots. If you and your friends can't make it to the beach because you're stuck working in the city all summer, find a beautiful Sunday afternoon and head on over. The lines get long after three, but it's usually not too bad of a wait and either way, you're still catching those sun rays because you're outside. If you're into drinking on boats and you like meeting new people, I strongly recommend this place.
Cool Concept & Great Spot in the Summer
Chelsea D. Oct 24, 2012
The Frying Pan is amazing: a boat converted into a bar, sounds great right? It's a really fun spot, especially in the summer, but you have to be in the mood for it. During a hot summer day it can get really crowded and I think a lot of the experience depends on whether you can get a table. It also gets packed around happy hour, so try to get there early. The crowd is young and fun, and usually very casual. The best part of The Frying Pan has to be the view, especially at sunset. I do, however, have some cons. The few times I've gone, I've been displeased with the service. Bartenders weren't friendly or helpful, but maybe I've just been unlucky. I also wasn't too pleased with the drinks. They're expensive and come in small plastic cups; weren't very strong either. Again, I do think you come for the location and overall vibe more so than the drinks. I'd recommend taking a cab here. It's kind of on its own with little around and the closest subway is about a mile away. Finally, be careful if you get seasick. The boat does rock a little, especially on a windy day. It's nothing too crazy but you will feel it sway.
#1 Summer Spot in NYC
Samuel H. Sep 12, 2012
The Frying Pan is awesome. It's right out on the hudson river with awesome views of the Garden State as well as the city skyline. The Frying Pan also has outstanding food, margaritas, and let's be real, who doesn't love a bucket of Coronas. My only warning is that there can sometimes be a huge line to get in, but it generally doesn't take that long to get in if there is one. Definitely a great spot for some day drinking on a saturday with friends before your big night out. Not to mention it is probably the best place to be in NYC on a sunny summer afternoon during sunset, seriously unbelievable views. I would highly recommend checking out. WARNING! Sometimes the Frying Pan is closed if it happens to be a cold day/night (65 or below). Otherwise, definitely a must do for your NYC visit.
Great Outdoor Spot for a Group of Friends
Sara G. Sep 7, 2012
Great for day or night drinking, but expect a younger crowd - generally fresh out of college. You can't beat the views, especially given the relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices. If you go during the day, dress accordingly - it's pretty easy to get a nasty sunburn on the water while you're drinking. The staff is friendly but it's always been crowded whenever I've been here. I'd recommend getting their buckets of Coronas, to cut down on the trips back to the bar. This is a great place to meet preppy post-grads in the mood for a rowdy time. Definitely not the place to take a date. But a great place to take a group, and mingle with other groups.
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