The Campbell Apartment

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The Campbell Apartment Grand Central commuters looking for a swanky cocktail in a historical setting will want to check out The Campbell Apartment, a luxurious 1920s throwback featuring intricate woodwork, soaring leaded glass windows, a decorative... New York United States 40.7529379 -73.9778107
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The Campbell Apartment - Bar | Lounge in New York.
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Party Earth Review Grand Central commuters looking for a swanky cocktail in a historical setting will want to check out The Campbell Apartment, a luxurious 1920s throwback featuring intricate woodwork, soaring leaded glass windows, a decorative... ... read full review

  • Neighborhood:

  • Address:

    15 Vanderbilt Avenue, at Grand Central Terminal
    New York, NY 10017

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  • Subway:

    4, 5, 6, S: Grand Central-Lexington-42nd Street; B, D, F, M, 7: 42nd Street-5th Avenue

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  • Hours:

    M–Th noon–1am, F noon–2am, Sa 3pm–2am, Su 3–11pm

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Campbell Apartment Review

The Scene

Grand Central commuters looking for a swanky cocktail in a historical setting will want to check out The Campbell Apartment, a luxurious 1920s throwback featuring intricate woodwork, soaring leaded glass windows, a decorative...

Grand Central commuters looking for a swanky cocktail in a historical setting will want to check out The Campbell Apartment, a luxurious 1920s throwback featuring intricate woodwork, soaring leaded glass windows, a decorative beamed ceiling, and creative cocktails with names like Prohibition Punch and Flapper’s Delight.

Once the elegant office of Jazz Age mogul John W. Campbell, this opulent parlor space is now outfitted with a sleek carved wood bar where hordes of dapper midtown lawyers, financial folk, and successful young professionals gather on weekdays for after-work whiskey.

Red, gold, and purple sofas and club chairs provide space for groups of commuters to relax around crocodile skin cocktail tables for a bite to eat before heading home, while later in the evening, couples and a post-theater crowd stop in for a quiet nightcap.

On weekends, stylish urbanites show up to mingle over table service or just relax by the stone fireplace complete with engraved griffin.

From the ground floor, the mezzanine with additional seating looks markedly similar to a church balcony, but despite The Campbell Apartment’s cathedral details, it’s refreshing to know that the confessional-like oak cabinets are filled with bottles of Knob Creek and Maker’s Mark.

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Tip from Emma:

Of course you can get beer here, but the whole point of the place is the fabulous vintage cocktails that give you a taste of history and pack a punch. Try the Bayard Fizz or the Highlander, or go all out and get the slightly pricier Prohibition Punch.

  • Crowd

    After-work corporate crowd, finance types, lawyers, and midtown commuters on weekday evenings, younger professionals, tourists, and post-theater people weekday nights and weekends, late 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient mellow music. Live jazz Saturdays from 9pm to midnight.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of upscale bar snacks featuring cheeses and charcuterie. Outdoor terrace open April–October M–F 2–10pm.

  • Prices

    Menu $15–$30. Beer $7.50–$9, wine $12–$20, vintage cocktails $13.50–$16, champagne $12–$22, port $14–$45, single malt scotch $15–$50.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Business casual to dressy: button-downs, suits, nice jeans and tops, dresses and heels. Dress code: absolutely no t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, baseball caps, shorts, or torn jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekdays after work for a bustling business crowd, or later on weeknights and weekends where the vibe is more low-key but seating is equally hard to find.

  • Close By

    Cipriani’s (110 East 42nd Street) is a great place to grab a meal earlier in the evening.

The Campbell Apartment User Reviews

Average rating:
Gor G. Jun 10, 2013
This is a very cool, classic-style (as opposed to neo-) speakeasy. HOW TO GET THERE: access this bar from Grand Central terminal. From the floor of the main hall, walk up the stairs towards Dolce Cipriani. Pass through Dolce Cipriani with the bar on your right and the tables on your left. At the back of Dolce Cipriani, there is an unmarked door. Open the door, walk through the foyer, up the red carpet stairs, and the entrance is right there. There may be other ways to get in, but this is how I always go. You can make a reservation, but I've never had a problem as a walk-in. The decor will take your breath away. High ceilings, dark wood, stained glass windows, and a marble fireplace. The drinks are delicious and aren't too crazy in terms of ingredients you've never heard of. The cocktail list is mostly their own spin on standard drinks, but they are all wonderful. The Prohibition Punch is worth a mention, as is their Whiskey Smash-esque drink (I forget the name). Prices are $13-$16, in line with other similar cocktail bars. Special note: because this bar is in Grand Central, the busy hours are the opposite of a normal bar. That is to say, it's savagely crowded with commuters during rush hour, but after 8 on weeknights and generally all night on weekends you won't have a problem getting in. They also have live jazz on the weekends. Bottom line: excellent cocktails in perhaps the most beautiful bar in New York. It's worth a look even if you're just passing through Grand Central. Guys- take a date, she'll be very impressed.
Hidden Gem
rosanna l. May 14, 2013
Tucked away and totally unaware of the location, it was a local friend who told me about this place. Walking in, it feels a little like stepping back in time to a bar in the 20's or 30's and I really felt like I should be wearing red lippy and heels instead of my denim and boots. Great cocktails and comfy environment for an after work catch up or social get together.
Bestowing Opulence Upon Grand Central
Jaclyn W. Dec 7, 2012
As with most of my reviews, Grand Central embodies the central reasons as to why I stay away from particular bars: Midtown East, Tourists, Obnoxious Crowds, Overpriced Drinks and the no longer original wedding photos that take place smack in the middle of the terminal while people gawk at the "virgin" bride dirtying her brilliant white dress. I've walked by Campbell apartments more times than I can even count. I never thought twice about stopping in until recently when they featured it on an episode of Gossip Girl. I quickly googled it and realized where the venue was. It just so happens that I take a train to get home to CT from here, so I stopped in with a friend who works in the area. Despite the fact that Grand Central is a majestic piece of architecture on its own, I never expected to find a place this beautiful tucked inside it. Campbell is a cross between the poshest hotel bar and the scene from Midnight In Paris circa 1920s where Owen Wilson meets the Gatsbys and Hemingway. Think library plus Mansion study plus some kind of decadent living room. We did not get anything to eat because it was too packed with commuters, however, we did order cocktails and I was very pleased with my Berry Royale. How wrong can you go with champagne? The cocktails are presented elegantly and although there is no true dress code, there was definitely no one underdressed here. The crowd age and characterstics range probably because it is mostly commuters making up the patron list, so you really could run into anyone at anytime here. I would not mind spending a few hours at the bar people watching or studying the stained glass window art. Although not the best locale or scene for a date, I would easily come here for happy hour if I worked in the area or book business luncheons here because they do take reservations and their food menu looks rather fancy. I'd come back to try the prohibition punch everyone raves about. Also, don't miss out on the popcorn they dole out from the vintage popcorn machine. it's quite a treat!
Throw one back at this throw back!
Elizabeth K. Nov 19, 2012
Walking into The Campbell Apartment is what I imagine it would feel like to walk onto the set of Clue - in the library, to be exact. This is a bar with a very 1920's retro feel, without the deliberate irony that's so common and overdone. Bookcases, plush chairs and sofas, and small tables make up the decor of this establishment. Patrons enjoy old fashioned cocktails, expertly mixed by the bartenders. This is not a rowdy bar nor a place to have a beer. The Campbell Apartment is the perfect venue for a special occasion: I've celebrated a family visit, a first date, a birthday drink, and a friend's first bridal gown appointment. I recommend this bar as a start to an evening or as an end to a day.
it's chic
Dylan W. Nov 12, 2012
there's a book case and lounge chairs everywhere so that's neat. If you're anything but a young professional though idk if you'd feel at home, but if u are...... they only seem to hire attractive women and they're all really nice but they dress in black dresses and pearls and that's kinda the best summation of this place too Now, I'm young but I ain't no professional so I gotta take away one star for my sake... but I could see someone like me but with a decent credit card limit having a nice night here with some friend for an afterwork thing I guess
Bar in a Train Station - Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Jimmy D. Aug 16, 2012
You wouldn't think it at first, but Grand Central provides a very cool setting for this very cool bar. Not often that a train station can do thought. But Grand Central may be the grand daddy of all train stations. And if you can have an apple store in Grand Central it doesn't get much cooler than that. It gets a little corporate during the week but during the weekend, The Campbell Apartment is very chill spot to grab a drink.
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