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Sea Witch Tavern - Restaurant | Tavern in NYC

Though modern New York is often thought of as sleek and chic, taverns in New York City remain some of its finest drinking experiences. Steeped in atmosphere and attitude, these ruddy-hued watering holes provide Gotham’s drinkers with an abundance of boozy good times.

Historically, the White Horse down on Hudson is king among New York taverns, providing barflies with reality solvents since back when Dylan Thomas died on its doorstep. In general, the West Village remains a solid place to find decent taverns, including shadowy sports bar the Barrow Street Ale House, hopping beer bar the Blind Tiger, and the cozy overstuffed recesses of Kettle of Fish. All of these hangouts have the two things that make up a good tavern – laid-back atmosphere and solid drink options – in spades, overflowing with imported draft beers and opinionated local color. The crowds can get a bit boisterous – there are plenty of frat boys and raucous after-work professionals flooding these places – but those willing to join in the fun will find themselves thoroughly charmed.

Sure, NYC taverns are a lousy place to buy a Lichi-tini and aren’t much in the way of velvet rope parties. But for a solid night of good drinking with good people, these sometimes-seedy juice joints can’t be beat.

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