NYC Sports Bars Overview

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Seeing as New York sports fans are among the most passionate and dedicated in the world, it should come as no surprise that New York sports bars are up to the challenge of keeping these hardcore revelers knee-deep in suds.

The city breathes sports practically 24/7 so home team pride is emblazoned on sports bars all over town, and thanks to the fact that sports are played every single day of the year it’s basically impossible not to find a NYC sports bar with the game on.

Whether it’s Yankees and Mets baseball, Knicks basketball, Jets and Giants football, Rangers and Islanders hockey, Red Bulls soccer, or even the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament, there’s always a game playing on the flat-screens and the sports bars remain packed.

Consequently, even if you can’t get into the mecca of sports that is Madison Square Garden – where 20,000 fans pack in to watch hockey, college or pro basketball, and boxing throughout the year – the next best thing is to tuck into a great NYC sports bar and catch all the action over one (Two? Three?) pitchers!

From the outer limits of Brooklyn to the heart of Manhattan, finding sports bars in NYC to suit your tastes will not be difficult, no matter if the best sports bar in your eyes is the grittiest dive in town or one of the classiest spots in the world.

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