NYC Speakeasies Overview

PDT (Please Don't Tell) - Cocktail Bar | Lounge | Speakeasy in NYC

For the old soul who dreams of the deliciously clandestine days of Prohibition, New York provides plenty of the world’s best speakeasies. No longer seedy caves for seamy characters, NYC speakeasies are cushy secretive spots meant for those edgy enough to know the password or the doorman, but classy enough to afford the elaborate cocktails within.

Those looking for speakeasies in New York do best on the Lower East Side, whose many restaurants and bars provide ample fronts for the illicit lounges located deep within. PDT (”Please Don’t Tell”) is accessed through a phone booth in a hot dog joint, while The 2nd Floor on Clinton’s plush interior and soft music are reached by pressing a buzzer near the bathrooms of a Mexican restaurant. Others, like the Blind Barber and 124 Old Rabbit Club, hide in plain sight, their inconspicuous exteriors not hinting at the decadent décor, boutique drinks, and chic patronage within. And while the weekends see these spots hopping, the guests always keep their location close to their chest, lest a raid by the fuzz ruin a perfectly good night.

With everything from a fine Belgian lambic among lowlifes and lawbreakers to a carefully-crafted Old Fashioned with the glamour crowd, New York speakeasies provide all of the shadow and atmosphere that the flashy bar scene often forgets.

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