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The Rum House - Bar | Rum Bar in New York.

Party Earth Review Once a simple hotel bar, The Rum House at the Edison Hotel was revived and redecorated by the cocktail masters behind Tribeca staple Ward III, who turned it into a swanky cocktail lounge oozing with a cool mix of modern chic and old New York charm. A mellow haven situated just outside the chaos of Times Square, the ... more


Edison Hotel, 228 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036

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Cienfuegos - Cuban Restaurant | Rum Bar in New York.

Party Earth Review Patrons looking for a taste of pre-Castro Havana need venture no farther than Cienfuegos (“one hundred fires”), an upbeat rum bar with a speakeasy vibe popular with foodies and fashionable creatives alike. Guests hoping to snag a table in this carefree cocktail house must first pass through Carteles ... more


95 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

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NYC Rum Bars Overview

The Rum House - Bar | Rum Bar in NYC

New York may seem like the least tropical place on earth, but connoisseurs will find that NYC rum bars supply enough tasty cocktails and good times to make just about anyone feel like they’re enjoying an ocean view in Havana or Port au Prince.

It’s true that rum bars in New York are few and far between, and are varied in style. Cienfuegos in Alphabet City complements its excellent rum selection with a delicious menu of Cuban cuisine, while the Edison Rum House off of Times Square focuses on a warm cocktail lounge vibe, where tourists and professionals enjoy rum Manhattans before the theater or after work. But plenty of stranger locales also specialize in sweet and spicy tropical drinks, including Otto’s Shrunken Head on the Lower East Side and Zombie Hut in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, which both bring a laid-back counterculture atmosphere to their tiki drinks, while the Rusty Knot in the West Village takes a more nautical route.

New York rum bars are usually geared toward big groups what with their volcano bowls and umbrella drinks, but can also easily support a night of solo sipping. They’re also a great place to exchange the roar of traffic for the soothing sound of crashing waves.

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