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Rudy's Bar & Grill Rudy's Bar & Grill, a perennial Hell's Kitchen dive in New York, has cheap booze & a diverse & crazy crowd. Check out why we heart NYC at Party Earth. New York United States 40.7598706175435 -73.9916753768921
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Rudy's Bar & Grill - Dive Bar in New York.
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Party Earth Review Since opening in 1933, Rudy’s Bar & Grill has embodied the perennial Hell’s Kitchen dive: a place where old men go to turn their livers to paste amid the persistent odor of free hot dogs. The grizzled farts are still there... ... read full review

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    A, C, E Lines: 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal / 8 Avenue

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    M–Sa 8am–4am, Su noon–4am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Rudy's Bar & Grill Review

The Scene

Rudy's Bar & Grill, a perennial Hell's Kitchen dive in New York, has cheap booze & a diverse & crazy crowd. Check out why we heart NYC at Party Earth.

Since opening in 1933, Rudy’s Bar & Grill has embodied the perennial Hell’s Kitchen dive: a place where old men go to turn their livers to paste amid the persistent odor of free hot dogs.

The grizzled farts are still there, as are the heaping plates of weenies, but the dominant patrons at this time-honored dump are young, rowdy, and – thanks to beggarly beer prices – usually hammered.

Once past the smiling pig statue out front, after-work crowds of fun-loving Midtown professionals, exuberant bros, and laid-back musicians file into the red-walled space to down rounds of $7 pitchers of house Blonde Ale from their spots in bright burgundy booths, most of which are swathed in so much duct tape they’d send a germaphobe screaming.

Packs of outgoing co-workers squeeze in at the counters by the front windows, yelling at each other over the din of conversation and the jazz, pop, and classic rock blaring from the jukebox in back, as no-nonsense bartenders zip between the thirsty college kids and roaring drunks perched on barstools, doling out $4 domestics and the dogs they come with.

Usually by mid-afternoon on any given day, the space is tightly packed with drinkers who, weather permitting – or if the damn thing is even open – spill out to the lawn furniture in the backyard to smoke, bray, and maybe barf till dawn.

Though its neighborhood is now cluttered with trendy lounges and tourist traps, Rudy’s Bar & Grill ensures that at least a little bit of Hell’s a-poppin’.

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Tip from Lucas:

Happy Hour runs from the minute the doors open until 7pm! That means seven to eleven hours straight of $2.50 pints, $7 pitchers, and all those great free hot dogs. But either get a booth or keep it to pre-gaming, because this place gets so packed, it’s hard to escape after 7pm – not that you’d want to.

  • Crowd

    After-work boozers, big groups of friends, laid-back rockers, post-college beer-pounders, and good-natured old drunks, 20s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Standard mix of rock and old-school classics on the jukebox.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Free hot dog with every beer until they run out. Happy Hour M–Sa 8am–7pm, Su noon–7pm. Cash only.

  • Prices

    Beer $3–$5, pitchers $7–$16, wine $5+, cocktails $5+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, boots, dresses, sweatpants.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Rudy’s is always busy in the evening, but Thursdays through Saturdays see the craziest, rowdiest, drunkest, happiest, and horniest crowds.

  • Close By

    It’s always Mardi Gras at Bourbon Street Bar & Grille (346 West 46th Street), a popular tourist spot with solid New Orleans-inspired grub, tons of TVs, and $5 Hurricanes daily.

Rudy's Bar & Grill User Reviews

Average rating:
The hotdog hot spot
Jodi t. Sep 3, 2013
Rudy’s Bar and Grill, a dive bar in Hell’s Kitchen, is in fact heaven for both beer and hotdog lovers. If the cheap pitchers don’t entice you, the lure of hotdogs with each purchase may be enough to lure you in. A common rule on a night out is that “eating is cheating”. But those on a budget will find it hard to say no to what is essentially a free dinner. It’s a small bar that is packed with a constant stream of young professionals, old regulars, and those trying to make a new life in the greatest city on earth. The bartenders’ good natures ensure that everyone is kept smiling. Be sure to tip them well! Need to escape the busy crowd? Rudy’s conveniently has an outdoors patio area decked out with tables, chairs, and a large-screen projector showing whatever live sport is on. Try to keep the volume down, though – noise restrictions mean that bouncers keep the rowdiness level well in check. For a fun, cheap night with friends – and let’s not forget about those delicious hotdogs – go to Rudy’s!
More Than Just Free Weenies...
Kevin O. Aug 14, 2013
Rudy's is a memorable little bar in the heart of Hell's Kitchen that serves up some tasty local brews, and an inviting atmosphere. The price of beer is refreshingly anachronistic--a mere $7 will score you a pitcher of the house blonde--a lightish wheat ale with a slightly (though not unpleasantly) bitter aftertaste. The bartenders are energetic and friendly, and the crowd is generally very laid back. A couple televisions play the day's games, and indeed there is free hot dogs available around the clock, which is of course something for vegans to consider. Rudy's has a tendency to get very crowded Thursday through Friday. Unless you plan on getting there at around 7pm on any of these nights, don't expect to find a seat. The exception to this is when the back porch area is open. This provides some breathing and moving room inside the bar, and an opportunity to step out for some fresh air. For non-vegan fun on a budget in Hell's Kitchen, Rudy's should not be missed.
HK Staple
Jaclyn W. Nov 15, 2012
I'm not recommending you go here, but if you do live in HK or near enough, it is an icon in this area. Rudy's is known for serving free hot dogs the entire night. Maybe it's because I don't like hot dogs or maybe it's because the thought of eating a hot dog drunk sounds like the vilest idea ever. If you're hung over the next morning, I don't even want to think about it... Anyway, this place is bizarre. They do actually card hard at the door and you definitely cannot miss the door with the giant pig adorning their entrance. Patrons range from 21 to anywhere over 50. The bartenders are extremely nice and know what they're doing. Come here for pitchers if you are a beer fan. Grab a red rocker booth against the wall and just people watch. It's a tiny bar, but it's only fun if you go with a lot of people. Trust me. The crowd gets weird. If you decide to stay until last call, it thins out to mainly mid20's. You probably won't pick anyone up here, but if you want to keep drinking, make this your last stop in the area.
hot dogs?
Dylan W. Nov 13, 2012
the place reeks of hot dogs so if your a vegetarian STEER CLEAR if you're not... U HAVE TO DROP BY free hot dogs all night!!! All night! You don't even have to buy a drink! Just stop by! cheap drinks and a really fun mix of people, probably one of the best in the city for that, no joke. Just be warned.... The place is notorious for taking under-aged people's fakes. The bouncer is one crabby guy and he will quiz you on every bit of info on the card and one slip up and it's gone forever. My friend is a victim and she literally ran away crying :(
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