PDT (Please Don't Tell)

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PDT (Please Don't Tell) Laid-back cocktail lovers interested in a true speakeasy experience need look no further than Please Don't Tell, an intimate cocktail lounge oddly accessed through a hot dog joint. New York United States 40.727164 -73.983715
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PDT (Please Don't Tell) - Cocktail Bar | Lounge | Speakeasy in New York.
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Party Earth Review Laid-back cocktail lovers interested in a true speakeasy experience need look no further than Please Don’t Tell, an intimate cocktail lounge oddly accessed through a hot dog joint. Just inside Crif Dogs, patrons still... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Su–Th 6pm–1am, F–Sa 6pm–4am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth PDT (Please Don't Tell) Review

The Scene

Laid-back cocktail lovers interested in a true speakeasy experience need look no further than Please Don't Tell, an intimate cocktail lounge oddly accessed through a hot dog joint.

Laid-back cocktail lovers interested in a true speakeasy experience need look no further than Please Don’t Tell, an intimate cocktail lounge oddly accessed through a hot dog joint.

Just inside Crif Dogs, patrons still in their work attire step into a vintage phone booth, press the buzzer, and announce their reservation through a cracked door before being ushered into a narrow, dimly-lit bar.

Low wood-slat ceilings, oil paintings, and a sleek mirrored bar combine to create a classy and clandestine atmosphere where young professionals huddle in four circular booths or settle in on the generous upholstered stools at the bar.

The unique cocktail menu and expertly-chosen beer and wine list go well with the deep-fried dogs and waffle fries from the Crif kitchen, adding a sense of fun to this otherwise dark and secretive den where voices are rarely raised above a whisper and those without reservations are politely turned away.

While the drinks and menu may be enticing, the eclectic clientele of business people, couples, and tourists really show up for the authentic speakeasy experience with an amusing twist – after all, not many classy joints can boast a giant suspended hot dog reading “Eat me” as their entrance.

Although reservations are a must, PDT is perfect for those in the mood for civilized conversation or a dreamy date in a cool and unique atmosphere.

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Tip from Emma:

If you order a cocktail from the custom menu, try one with their signature bacon-infused bourbon. A good option is the Benton’s Old Fashioned – not only does it taste great, but it goes well with the Crif Dogs!

  • Crowd

    After-work nine-to-fivers, young professionals, dates, tourists, and couples, late 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Hot dogs and tater tots from Crif Dogs.

  • Prices

    Menu $5+. Beer $6+, wine $10+, cocktails $15.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Business casual: jeans and heels, button-downs with dress pants, casual cotton dresses, Banana Republic, J. Crew.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Busy every day.

  • Close By

    Café Mogador (101 St. Marks Place) offers incredible Moroccan food just steps away. They’re open late, so it’s a great post-PDT grub stop.

PDT (Please Don't Tell) User Reviews

Average rating:
Hidden Gem
Ruth K. Jun 7, 2013
On a short trip to New York, I made sure to schedule in a night at PDT. My friends and I made a reservation the day before, and the night of, we trekked our way over. When we arrived, I was a little confused to enter what simply did not look like a cool speakeasy--a hotdog shop. But the experience of squeezing through a telephone booth into the dark lit room of PDT was like entering a time machine, warping me back to 20s. Aside from the really cool experience, the drinks were above par and my friend ordered the kimchi hotdog that was on the menu at the time, and it was simply delicious. Definitely a New York hot spot to put on your checklist.
EV/Speakeasy Staple
Jaclyn W. Dec 6, 2012
I hate surprises, but love Speakeasies. So when my friend was trying to surprise me by taking me to PDT, I became indignant and starting complaining that I hate hotdogs. I knew he hated hotdogs too, so I became seriously confused. I did what any normal person would do: I yelped it on our way there. Sure enough, bingo! Speakeasy. This place is not exactly easy to get into, but my friend knows a few people so he knew how to call in the phone booth and what to say to be led through the curtains. While Crif Dogs is not a real secret anymore, PDT is still an amazing bar! There are so many cocktails to choose from it's actually mind blowing and they are constantly changing it up. Space and seats are limited when you have a RSVP and they also stay pretty strict on timing, so you can't necessarily loiter. Their list of manners on the bathroom wall is hysterical and so true. They do have a deer head or two on the wall, but I wouldn't call this a taxidermy bar. I would come here on a date because it's small, it's secretive, there are cocktails galore and the lighting lends itself to a romantic atmosphere. New York staple, Speakeasy Staple, whatever staple you want to dub this place. The crowd is very eclectic. It varies depending on the night I guess because of the reservation issue, but the night I went it felt like primarily East Village residents. This also might be because it was during the week, which reminds me caveat: weekends it's 25 and older. One of the only bars to do that in the city, so if you are older and do not want to deal with the NYU raucous crowd on the weekend, definitely come here. Also, if it's winter and you feel like being a bum, they have actually published a recipe book that is quite lengthy for all of their cocktails. Sure you may not have absinthe in your liquor cabinet, but I think you could conjure up some bourbon and bitters.
Risa C. Nov 26, 2012
This is actually the first speakeasy I ever went to, and it was a great place for a speakeasy virgin. I did need about 10 minutes to figure out how to get in via the phone booth because I'm an idiot, but once in everything went really smoothly especially since my date had had the foresight to make a reservation. I can't remember exactly what drinks we got, but one of them had something to do with bacon infused bourbon. Overall I liked the experience and the vibe, but as far as drinks I've had better at some of the other speakeasys in town. However, this is always my first recommendation for anyone trying out speakeasys for the first time since the entrance experience is such a novelty.
Why not just go to Crif Dogs?
Chris K. Nov 15, 2012
PDT is a decent speakeasy, I suppose. with its cocktails and phone booth entrance. But the truth is, it's all about that--the reservation, the buzzing in, the password, all that jazz. There's nothing mind-blowing about this hidden bar. Crif Dogs, meanwhile, is the bomb--basic beer on tap, tater tots out the wazoo, and enough delicious hot dogs to make a man forsake Jesus (they got this one, a Spicy Redneck? It has a bacon lattice on it. A LATTICE OF BACON, PEOPLE). Don't get me wrong, if you want to do a Roaring Twenties night and hit the speakeasies around New York, you have to make this a destination. But honestly, it's a lot of trouble when you could just be having a hot dog-based religious experience.
Fun Novelty Bar
Daniel B. Oct 19, 2012
PDT would probably hate to be described as a novelty bar, but when it comes down to it, its name, the phone booth entrance, and crif dogs are the three best things the place has to offer - a novelty in the best sense. Bars are a dime a dozen in the East Village and good strong drinks can be found practically all over the place as bars in the city have to fight just to keep pace with New York's drinking scene. That being said, the unique quirks of PDT help set it apart. Yeah, the drinks are good, but that's not why you go to a speakeasy. Ultimately, PDT makes for a great night out with a sense of exclusivity (it's great to watch tourists in Crif Dogs scratch their heads at the people disappearing behind the telephone booth). Just remember to make reservations or you'll be waiting for hours just to get in.
Aimee M. Oct 12, 2012
It feels like you can't move for speakeasies these days. But if you're going to go to one, I would really recommend PDT. there's something really exciting about walking into the old style phone booth and dialling, surrounded by people obliviously eating their hotdogs. drinks inside are good, with some interesting and creative cocktails. Not the best I've ever had, but definitely up there. Worth checking out!
impossible to get in, but worthy a try
Nicole H. Oct 8, 2012
My boyfriend and I decided to try PDT last summer. Fortunately, we knew it was hidden inside a hot dog shop, or else we would have wandered for hours trying to find it. The concept is unique. Enter a telephone booth and dial the rotary phone to speak to the hostess. Unfortunately, the waiting list is upwards of 2 hours most nights. We put down our name and number so that we could pass the time at a nearby restaurant. When we were called back, we discovered this tiny speakeasy for ourselves. The lights were very dim and the place was almost silent. A very romantic setting. And the drinks were…good. Nothing out of this world, but tasty. Might not go back here, but definitely worth trying once!
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