NYC Oyster Bars Overview

Maison Premiere - Bar | Lounge | Oyster Bar in NYC

A certain old-world class comes with slurping a quivering mollusk from its icy shell, and oyster bars in New York cultivate it in spades. But while many places offer special oyster-friendly nights, only a few make this culinary treat their specialty.

For the hip young oyster aficionado, the New York oyster bar of choice is Maison Premiere. Located on Bedford Avenue in too-cool Williamsburg, this cozy day spot not only has a huge variety of oysters – twenty or so in total – but also presents an excellent cocktail menu, including a large absinthe list, that goes well with its ivied old-world décor. For a more traditional dining experience, the Ten Bells on the Lower East Side uses its tin ceiling, extensive wine list, and shady hidden entrance to exude a sexy atmosphere that only helps remind guests of the amorous qualities said to be attributed with oysters. Both places go for an upscale vibe, as no one likes to eat raw shellfish in questionable surroundings, but each has its own sense of comfort that will assuage the worries of any oyster amateurs present.

NYC oyster bars may be few and far between, but the quality of service and décor in these select few places allow this city to flex its culinary mussels.

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