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Meat-Marketing In The Big Apple


Being Single In New York Has Never Had More Benefits

Meat-Marketing In The Big Apple

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Aug 20, 2012 —  New York was an expanse of swamps and open water before this masterpiece of a metropolis came to be, and much could be said of its stunning architecture, rich art and culture, and the behemoth financial centers that single-handedly control vast stretches of the world economy.


Yes, the city's history and refinement is amazing, but tonight we’ve got an edacious one-track mind that only a hopping New York meat-market can satisfy. We don’t want velvet ropes, pretentious airs, quiet neighborhood pubs, or anything with the words “Prohibition-style” in its description (if we wanted to drink like grandpa used to, we’d just buy a gallon of box wine and start screaming incoherently at the TV).

Everybody needs a crazy night sometimes. Whether it’s the stresses of school, a painful day at the office, or it’s just been awhile since you woke up without any pants on, nothing recharges the batteries like first depleting them completely with multiple rounds of cheap booze, a packed and sweaty dance floor, and a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd out for the same reason you are.

Will you meet the person of your dreams at one of our favorite crazy NY bars below? Probably not. But we think they hold great promise for hosting a riotous night beyond imagination. And we’re going to take you there…

…just as soon as we find our pants.

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    The Sunburnt Cow

    Bar / Lounge / Restaurant

    The Sunburnt Cow - Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in New York.
    East Village

    137 Avenue C
    New York, NY 10009


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    Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

    Bar / Club / Drinking Activity

    DJ firing up the crowd at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar in New York!
    Lower East Side

    113 Ludlow Street
    New York, NY 10002


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    Village Pourhouse (NoHo)

    Sports Bar

    Village Pourhouse (NoHo) - Sports Bar in New York.
    Greenwich Village / NoHo

    64 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10003

    212‑979‑BEER (2337)

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    McFadden's Saloon

    Bar / Restaurant / Irish Pub

    McFadden's Saloon - Bar | Restaurant | Irish Pub in New York.

    800 Second Avenue
    New York, NY 10017


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    The Stumble Inn

    Sports Bar

    The Stumble Inn - Sports Bar in New York.
    Upper East Side

    1454 Second Avenue
    New York, NY 10021


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What are your favorite singles bars in NYC?

Anonymous Aug 24, 2012
Have had some bruising games of anchorman at the village pourhouse. Brutal morning afters.
Deepak H. Aug 24, 2012
Sold on Stumble Inn. With a name like that, I know I wont be walking back home for sure..Lets go find me some ladies! ;)
Danny M. Aug 24, 2012
Sign me up...fried twinkies at the Stumble Inn sound both awesome and disgusting at the same time.
Sam A. Aug 23, 2012
Solid list. Be ready to get ripped if you're going to McFadden's. Don't come to nurse a beer.
Anonymous Aug 21, 2012
Mehanata Bulgarian Bar is the craziest f'ing place in the city. Make sure you pay $20 to go into their ice cage and down vodka shots while wearing a Russian general's hat and coat. It's worth it.
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