McFadden's Saloon

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McFadden's Saloon Whipping up enough Guinness-soaked rowdiness to satisfy any young Midtown denizen's appetite for after-work unwinding, McFadden's Saloon draws a consistent crowd of party girls and game twenty-something professionals who like... New York United States 40.749923 -73.971999
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McFadden's Saloon - Bar | Restaurant | Irish Pub in New York.
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Party Earth Review Whipping up enough Guinness-soaked rowdiness to satisfy any young Midtown denizen’s appetite for after-work unwinding, McFadden’s Saloon draws a consistent crowd of party girls and game twenty-something professionals who... ... read full review

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    4, 5, 6, 6X, 7, 7X, S: Grand Central/42nd Street

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    Daily 11am–4am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth McFadden's Saloon Review

The Scene

Whipping up enough Guinness-soaked rowdiness to satisfy any young Midtown denizen's appetite for after-work unwinding, McFadden's Saloon draws a consistent crowd of party girls and game twenty-something professionals who like...

Whipping up enough Guinness-soaked rowdiness to satisfy any young Midtown denizen’s appetite for after-work unwinding, McFadden’s Saloon draws a consistent crowd of party girls and game twenty-something professionals who like a little swank with their pint-swilling.

A stylized Irish pub that’s heavier on the “style” than the “Irish,” the flagship of the McFadden’s franchise surrounds gregarious post-grads with dark wood paneling, long brass rails, and plenty of buxom beauties tending the bar – or dancing on it.

When not ogling the staff, the loosened-tie set watches football over pints and loud conversation at the bar or in big leather booths, biding time until the next beer pong game or flip cup tournament.

Even as the bar’s bustling frat party vibe threatens to spill into the raised dining area at any moment, the space somehow remains subdued even when the pub is at its most frenetic, giving couples grabbing lunch or dinner a place to enjoy their shepherd’s pies and Cobb salads in relative peace.

Patrons in the market for a bachelorette bash or a reason to kiss people because they’re Irish will find what they’re looking for at McFadden’s, a pub guaranteed to deliver with flying – though mostly emerald – colors.

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Tip from Lucas:

For those who want a bit more exclusivity, the private back bar’s black leather couches and full-service drink station can easily accommodate most corporate or birthday events.

  • Crowd

    After-work business professionals, laid-back party girls, sports fans, and Midtown pub lovers, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ spins mixes of 90s alternative and Top 40 hits Tu–Sa. Flat-screen TVs behind the bar.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu of Irish pub fare and bar snacks. Happy Hour M, W–F 6–9pm and Tu 6pm–midnight.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $5 on Saturdays. Appetizers and snacks $6–$12, salads $8–$17, entrées $13–$24, sandwiches $9–$15, sides $5, desserts $5.50–$7.50. Beer $5+, wine $8+, cocktails $8+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to work attire: collared shirts, t-shirts, skirts, nice jeans, shoes from Converse All-Stars to Campers. Dress code: no plain white t-shirts, jerseys, hats, or tank tops for men.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Almost any day of the week for various specials, or summer Thursdays for beer pong and flip cup tournaments.

  • Close By

    Just a few blocks down 42nd Street, The Campbell Apartment (15 Vanderbilt Avenue at Grand Central Terminal) offers a Prohibition-era vibe and cocktails in a majestic Grand Central Station setting.

McFadden's Saloon User Reviews

Average rating:
Great Music, Good Times, Cheap Drinks!
Randall H. Jun 26, 2013
McFadden's is a great place to start your night. I visited NYC in February before moving here in the summer, and this was the first bar I went to. They were having a $1 domestic draft night. $1 beers in the city! Needless to say, I had a great time. I recently went back after moving to the city, and they had a $10 open bar from 7-9 (all draft beer and wine), and $4 whiskey until midnight. The music here is great! Best hits of the 90's and today. I was dancing all night, as was everyone around me. It's a lively crowd, and the bartenders are just as energetic! They are very nice and like interacting with the crowd (free shots, chugging contests, DJ telling jokes, etc). Overall a good time! Be sure to sign up for their email/txt list. They don't spam you, they just let you know when the deals are. They also give away free bar tabs. I've won twice! I've met a lot of cool people at this bar, and will definitely be back soon for the next drink special! The lowdown - great music, good times, cheap drinks - just like the title says! Fun and friendly staff and usually a good crowd. Check it out!
Not bad
Gor G. Jun 10, 2013
Wow, I am surprised at the bad press McFadden's is receiving on this site. In a world where Stouts receives such high marks (a place that is the farthest thing from an Irish pub except that the bartenders are Irish) but this bar gets slammed is not a world I choose to live in. I visited this place after a short stint at the Jersey shore so yeah I was a little blinded by the Jersey strobe lights, a little deaf from the fog horns, and a little italianed out by the buffness of all the dudes everywhere. This place is a jersey recovery bar, kind of like methadone to a heroin addict. When I came from the shore and went to the nice bars in the city I was inundated with the billboard top 20 and nothing I could actually scream my lungs out to while slapping a wall. The music here was classic, a mix of the oldies and the new stuff with a dance floor on the 1 1/2 floor, and a bar on the primary floor it gives a good mix for the nights you want to drink but have the opportunity to also dance once you black out. Granted it's no real Irish pub, and its located in midtown, and the crowd is primarily Bridge and Tunnel...Other than that it is alright in my book, a good mixture for picking up all those girls who won't go home with you on account that they live in New Jersey with their parents and have to be home tonight (or they live in the UES\UWS, but you are ugly). My recommendation is to go to the jersey shore for 2 months, then get friends together in town and hit this place. Own this bar with all your friends, get your lady friends drunk and put em on the bar. Write the lyrics to sweet caroline on your hands and prepare to visit midtown New Jersey.
Great New York City bar, without the big city prices
Brittany G. Apr 24, 2013
McFadden's Saloon is a great place to party, and you can do so on the cheap! Located within walking distance from Grand Central Station, McFadden's is always serving up the drinks, music, and fun. With two bars, tables to sit, and room to dance, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. Plus, every bar-goer can enter to win a free open bar; between my friends and I, we win one at least once a month!
Casual Irish style pub that is lively and a place to hang with friends
Sova N. Apr 17, 2013
McFadden's Saloon is an Irish style pub that while not really Irish does a good job of creating a lively fun atmosphere. I stumbled into it on Saint Patties Day hoping for an amazing Irish celebration, however found it lacking in authenticity. However, this was not to say that it wasn't a fun place to end up for the celebrations. This place has decent priced drinks (for NYC) and while beer seems to be the drink of choice her, they have a well stocked bar with decently made drinks. Dress is casual but you'll find people trying really hard at it with designer jeans and collared shirts. Also this isn't a place for claustrophobics. The narrow layout, dark wood panels, and dim lighting helps to sell the Irish Pub feeling but on busy nights makes for a crowded push your way through situation. Don't plan on trying to meet people or start a conversation with someone new as conversations here are primarily between groups of friends. The typical mix is lots of post grad college types and people hanging out after work with friends or between dinner and the club. Overall, a good place to chill with your entourage, grab a beer, and figure out what to do next for the night.
Awesome fast paced bar that successfully recreates the college bar atmosphere
David P. Feb 2, 2013
McFadden's Saloon is a fun and active bar that is a great place meet up with some friends or have a good time. This is not the place to have a quiet dinner or a few drinks in an elegant manner. McFadden's is loud and often busy, busy to the point where it is difficult to move and expect to have a drink spilled on you or a foot stepped on. However, this does not mean McFadden's is dirty and trashy; there was a attendant in the bathroom and servers were very friendly. Happy Hour is always busy and a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new people. For the person looking for that frat party feel, this is a great place to come, otherwise, I'd go elsewhere.
Katie G. Dec 9, 2012
Loved going here during happy hour on a Friday night! The crowd was young and the music was fun! My girlfriends and I even danced on top of the bar! Oh, college days! It was fun that one night, but I'm not sure I'd go back. Been there, done that! :)
Why? Just Why?
Jaclyn W. Dec 4, 2012
What is it about this place that make people want to take their clothes off? A small piece of me dies when anyone suggests a bar in Midtown, but when it's McFadden's, I think my soul even begins to shrivel up. The only time, I repeat, the ONLY time I will come here if my best, best, best friend is doing a guest bartending gig and I have to go (read: dragged by my hair) for moral support. This place is literally where the devil lives on earth. The crowd is beyond obnoxious and hello you are in Midtown right next to Grand Central. I feel like this may be one of my worst nightmares up there with Times Square and grocery shopping at Trader Joe's on the weekend. Yes, I understand that drinks are cheap, but these offers can be found in a million other bars and even semi-nice ones in the East Village or Lower East Side. Save yourself, save your future children. DO NOT COME HERE. I can't even fake it and say, at least once you should try it. No, just save it for some other bad decision type bar. If you like packed bars, extremely irritating party girls and frat boys, cheapest of cheap liquor and being soaked in beer and sweat, congratulations because you just found your haven! For all other people who still have brain cells left in their head, just don't. If you're here, you're most definitely from out of town and most likely from dirty Jerz (no offense to anyone).
If you like this kind of thing...
Jody P. Dec 1, 2012
I am all about busy bars that are exciting and fun, but to me, McFaddens is just TOO busy. I don't mind elbowing my way through a crowd, but each of the few times i've been to McFaddens, I could barely move. It is almost impossible to get a drink and you pretty much have to be an acrobat to keep from spilling all $15 worth of your beverage shoving your way back to your group. On top of it all, you are paying New York drink prices (high!) for New York drink sizes (small!). Obviously some people are into that considering how busy it gets, but it is just not for me. Would not recommend.
Samuel H. Nov 7, 2012
So I've only been to McFadden's once, and it was near closing time. I still had a good time and you could tell the crowd is flirty and young. However, I've heard that much of the time McFadden's is Suuuupppeerrr packed and can be quite rowdy. Particularly on nights where they have specials on beer. If you are looking for a rowdy drinking experience with your buddies, but may be also looking for that special someone that night, McFadden's is a pretty good choice for you. However, if this does not seem like your scene, STAY AWAY!
Chelsea D. Oct 8, 2012
I've been here a couple times because my friends have won happy hours (they drink for free and you say their name at the door, get a wristband and get a discount on drinks). This sounds great in theory, but the drinks always seem watered down. The bar is usually packed with young professionals and it gets really crowded. I usually feel like I'm squished into one spot and constastantly being bumped into, which is never fun. I like the music they play and the bartenders get on the bar to try to get people hyped up (dancing, pouring shots, etc.). I've always had a decent time here, but I'm not running back any time soon.
Ben F. Sep 28, 2012
This place tends to have long lines, and way too many beefed up roid raged guys who are only there to try and pick up girls. I will say they have good drink deals and the service is good, but its the type of place that if you knock into someone by accident you will probably find yourself in a fight. It's a good time if you are absolutely wasted alread, but i would not start a night there
after work, waiting for a train
Jeff M. Sep 16, 2012
this place has been open for forever and a day, pretty standard bar, good bartenders with strong pours. if you have to wait for a train at grand central this is a good look. decent option for mid 20's afterwork crowd, expect to find a lot of 914, 516 and 631 area codes.
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